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NOMAD is a revolutionary new way to combine cheap flights with

Travellers can now save hours of their time and significant amounts of money when searching for cheap flights with a revolutionary new tool developed by – NOMAD. This allows people to enter the destinations they would like to visit and then it calculates the cheapest possible route between them.

Multi-city trips have long been a feature of online travel agencies. But travellers must create their own itineraries, often experimenting with different combinations in tens of different browser windows to do their own comparison on what exactly is the best route.

Now with NOMAD, does the work instead – in seconds.

Using its powerful algorithms and proprietary data, is able to search for the cheapest route possible between cities on the dates that a traveller wants to leave and return. No longer will people be flicking through tabs for hours trying to find the perfect adventure.

And, because the computer is doing the work the savings can be immense. One search using MultiCity for an adventure from Prague to London, Stockholm, Paris and Rome returned a result of €442 for the whole trip.

Using the MultiCity tool, we can find a trip around European cities for €442 in total — revolutionizes multi-city travel with NOMADUsing the MultiCity tool, we can find a trip around European cities for €442 in total

Using NOMAD, this cost just €276.

“We have MultiCity, like everyone else in the market, but we were thinking about how to make it better, how to bring more value to our customers,” Oliver Dlouhý, founder and CEO of said. “And we have come up with NOMAD. This is a special algorithm that will sort the flights on your behalf and improves significantly the results of MultiCity.”

NOMAD is based on a centuries old mathematical problem called the travelling salesman. It is considered incredibly difficult to solve and belongs to a group of problems called NP-hard. 

The travelling salesman must travel between a number of different cities, but doesn’t care about the order in which he does so. He just wants to find the most efficient way to visit each one. If the salesman is visiting 10 different cities, there are 180,000 different combinations of journeys that must be checked to find the most efficient route.

By shuffling the order of these European destinations NOMAD can save you 166 on this route — revolutionises multi-city travel with NOMADBy shuffling the order of the destinations, NOMAD can save you €166 –

Jan Plhák, Engineering Team Lead at, said: “Ever since I started doing programming and mathematics I have wanted to implement complicated algorithms, such as the travelling salesman problem, and in I got the opportunity to do just that.

“I wanted to visit a couple of cities in Europe like Stockholm and St. Petersburg and I was too lazy to do the hard work myself to find the cheapest possible permutation of the cities. It got me thinking that we might be able to find a clever algorithm to do the work for me.

“Here in, we have all the data that we need to implement NOMAD. I really don’t think it would have been possible anywhere else. Also, we have a lot of great people who are very inspiring, and we were really able to implement NOMAD quickly and with ease.”

Dlouhý said: “This is what is all about – using technology to make travel easier and cheaper for travellers.

Explore the cheapest options of multi-city combinations. Go NOMAD