will inform you about travel restrictions on your route news will inform you about travel restrictions on your route

15 June 2020

By | 15 June 2020

Book your travel comfortably without endless hours of checking the latest travel restriction updates

Since the situation with the COVID-19 pandemic is continuously changing and every country around the world is reacting differently to it, it is not always easy to stay on top of the specific requirements travelers are expected to meet. If you’re traveling from one continent to another and there are travel restrictions in place in one of the locations you pass en route, it might affect your entire trip.

The capacity of flights around the globe is growing, and as people are looking to travel again, we want to make sure that everyone can arrive safely at their final destination. With our Travel Restrictions feature, we make it easier for you to stay informed about the latest changes in travel restrictions and requirements for your journey. The feature is being rolled out in batches so make sure you click on one of the links in this article to receive early access to the product, or click HERE.

Always stay updated with our Travel Restrictions feature

Planning a trip might be challenging, with all the different transport options, carriers, prices, routes… At we make it simple by combining all of these together. Still, we want to make it even simpler so everyone can book travel with confidence. Checking if your trip might be affected by travel restrictions is part of how we do it.

Search on for routes from your city to your destination — perhaps you want to hop on a bus that will take you to the nearest airport and fly to Paris or London or San Francisco where you will spend the weekend sightseeing in the area by bus. No matter what your search results are, you will see a banner with the latest updates on travel restrictions on all parts of your journey, so you can make an informed decision about where and when you’re traveling next. 

You’ll automatically see a prompt on the screen

The screen with your search results will automatically show you the latest travel restrictions for your journey Group Created with Sketch. The screen with your search results will automatically show you the latest travel restrictions for your journey —

The feature is now being rolled out on our search, but if you click on the links in this article, we’ll make sure you have early access to the product. No need to sign up to see the updates, simply click on Check restrictions on the screen with your search results. You will see a pop-up window in which you can check for active restrictions to and from each country, such as medical measures, the need to self-isolate, or others where applicable.

However, the travel restriction checker does not take into account your nationality or the countries you’ve recently visited. We always recommend you double-check with the authorities for detailed information about the requirements for your journey.

“The travel climate has changed dramatically over the past months. Almost all the countries in the world have implemented some sort of restrictions upon entry. Staying up-to-date is becoming very difficult for travelers,” says Senior Product Manager, Viliam Džama, who is in charge of the Travel Restrictions feature.

“That is why we have introduced Travel Restrictions information directly onto our search page. Travelers will be able to see what the restrictions are on their desired route and thus can make an informed decision whether to buy tickets for a certain travel route or not.”

“When working on a new product, we always try to imagine what a traveler might be needing at any given moment while planning a trip,” says Sam Fortune, UX Designer for Travel Restrictions.

“Perhaps they plan to visit their grandmother overseas or run a marathon in a neighboring country they could comfortably travel to by bus. Right now with all the travel industry changes it might not be so easy, and staying on top of the requirements for travel is essential.”

What other features are we introducing for customers?

Availability Alert is another one of our newest features Group Created with Sketch. Availability Alert is another one of our newest features —

We have always aimed at making the life of a traveler simpler. Especially now, because of the world pandemic, international travel isn’t always easy. That’s why we’re focusing a number of our new products and features on making travel extra simple so everyone can book with confidence.

We have introduced Availability Alert which will notify our customers about the reopening of their desired route. They will receive a notification immediately after we find their connection so they can be the first to book.

Recently, we have released an Exclude Countries filter on our search page. If your route includes one or multiple stopovers, you can exclude countries you think might be difficult or inconvenient to travel through. 

Are you curious about other features we are currently working on? You can find out more in the FAQ section and on Stories. If product news isn’t what you’re after at the moment, you can browse Stories for travel inspiration, fun facts and travel tips. Check out all our features and filters directly on the search.

Disclaimer: The Travel Restrictions feature is being rolled out in batches, please allow us some time to make it available on all devices.

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