’s 200 coolest cities 2017

These are the places from across the world that you have made the most popular

By Ben Finch and Monika Kratochvílová | Design by Jozef Falis and Tomáš Halajčík

There are places that you have to visit, and then there places that you have to visit now. That's what we searched's data for this year – where exactly are the coolest cities in the world? - top 200 coolest cities
Mykonos tops our 200 coolest cities ranking – Shutterstock

Mykonos, Split and Rhodes top the table, with Mediterranean destinations dominating the top 10. There are signs that Egyptian tourism is beginning to recover as both Alexandria and Cairo place highly, and the competing Gulf capitals of Riyadh and Doha come in fifth and eighth respectively.

We have examined all the data we hold from the past year, calculated the trends, and found the destinations with the largest increases in bookings. Select a city on the chart to see its performance illustrated on the graph.

We determined the trends by comparing every month to our baseline, November 2017. This means that when a destination has a number over 100 per cent there have been more bookings than in November 2017, and when the number is lower than 100 per cent there have been fewer.

Here are the places that are so hot right now –'s 200 coolest cities.

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To produce the 200 Coolest Destinations, we wanted to compare the performance of every location sell flights to. We compared all monthly bookings to a destination through to the number of bookings made in November 2017 to the same location, and expressed this as a percentage. This allows us to see how the number of bookings changed across the date range. Any number above 100 per cent shows that the popularity of a destination is higher than in November 2017, and any number below 100 per cent shows that the popularity of a destination is lower than in November 2017. We ranked the top 200 destinations by calculating the difference between its best performing month and its worst. We examined data from between 1/12/2016 to 30/11/17.