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Be the first to hear about route reopening and book as soon as a connection becomes available

As a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, many airlines, airports, and other travel providers have been canceling their connections. These changes have an immediate impact on our customers as well. For this reason, we have introduced a new search feature — the Availability Alert — which notifies you when a flight, bus, or train connection becomes available.

Searching for travel might feel discouraging these days. With various travel restrictions in place, you will likely have to spend endless hours trying to find how to get from A to B — often finding nothing and trying again the next day. Instead, with our Availability Alert, we will do the checking for you and send you an email as soon as your route reopens.

What’s more, because we also provide ground transportation, such as buses or trains, you won’t have to switch between countless tabs to find the best connection. You can find all your travel needs in one place. Our Availability Alert will save you time, money, and a whole lot of nerves.

We do the waiting for you so you don’t have to

Click Notify me and then sign up with your email address to receive notifications that we’ve found an available connection for your routeClick Notify me and then sign up with your email address to receive notifications that we’ve found an available connection for your route —

When searching for a trip, it may happen that our algorithm does not find an available connection for you, perhaps due to border closures and travel restrictions. In this case you will see a prompt on your screen — all you need to do is click on Notify me if we can’t find an available trip for you and sign up with your email. We’ll send you a notification once we find a trip that matches your search, and no worries, we won’t store your email address for any other purposes. 

“Since we are currently experiencing many canceled travel connections throughout the world, we decided to give our customers the chance to sign up for notifications of re-established travel routes, in case they are left with no results in their searches on,” says Senior Product Manager, Viliam Džama, who is in charge of the Availability Alert feature. 

“Once the desired route becomes available again on the travel dates the customer had originally searched for, they are immediately notified via email and can proceed to book their trip.

“Over the last several months we have seen the same customers searching for the same routes on the search. That suggests they keep coming back to check whether their desired route has any available travel options. We are confident that many of our customers will benefit from this new feature and we’re already seeing a growing number of them using it,” he adds.

What other features are we working on to make travel easier?

One search functionality we are working on is the Exclude Countries filter. If you are planning an international trip and your route passes through one or multiple other countries, you can easily exclude them from your preferred journey, ensuring your safety and comfort on the way.

Read more about what we’re working on in the FAQ section and on Stories. If product news isn’t what you’re looking for, try our travel inspiration articles, fun facts and travel tips on Stories. You can check out all our features and filters directly on the search.

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