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Let’s look at some of the challenges and successes our CS agents have had to deal with

Recently celebrated its ninth anniversary. It was a bittersweet moment for us since around the same time, the world entered the second year of the global pandemic. And what a first year it was! 

We have worked long shifts, crazy hours, downed countless cups of coffee, and at times, we also laughed together and cried together. Mainly though, we have grown together as colleagues and as a company to streamline our processes and provide the best possible service to our customers.

Who are the people who facilitate’s customer service and how did the first year of the pandemic change them?

We asked our colleagues in Customer Support to share what they’ve learned over the one year in lockdown

Empty office desks, empty office chairs... we haven’t seen our colleagues in over a yearEmpty office desks, empty office chairs… we haven’t seen our colleagues in over a year —

At the start of the pandemic just over a year ago, our colleagues from Customer Support were dealing with large numbers of customer requests from day one. They were committed to helping customers who were trying to get back to their loved ones and requesting refunds for flights canceled by the airlines.

To share the challenges our colleagues in Customer Support were dealing with, we asked some of them and reported on their stories. Now, almost exactly a year later to the day, we’ve reached out to them again to see how the pandemic has changed not only their work at but also their personal lives.   

“I’ve found a fresh view, stepped out of my comfort zone, and I’m still helping customers”

All communication is being done onlineAll communication is being done online —

Twelve months ago, Aga M. worked as Customer Support Specialist at With everyone adjusting to remote work, one of the biggest challenges for her at the time was communication via the screen of a computer. 

“In the past year, I’ve had some ups and downs. In the beginning, I was working as a Customer Support agent. Things were tough and there were moments I doubted I could go on much longer,” says Aga.

“Somehow I pulled through and realized I wasn’t ready to leave just yet. I needed a fresh view on the situation, stepped out of my comfort zone and moved to the Guarantee department where I’m still able to help customers, even though with different aspects of their requests.”        

As for Kristína Š. from the Claims department, the last year represents a year of changes. “For the past year, we have been improving our systems to be as effective as possible and we managed to make some big changes that are helping us to solve even more cases, such as a system for assigning cases based on the airline that enables us to solve more cases in one go,” says Kristína.

“I am always happy to write to a customer that we have just sent them their refund and every day I hope I will send more such emails than the previous.”

“Never underestimate the importance of a chair with adequate back support”

Almost all of us have been working remotely for over a year nowAlmost all of us have been working remotely for over a year now —

We’ve nearly all been working remotely at our homes for over a year now. Some of us have struggled to find the right balance between work and personal space while others have had to deal with technical difficulties like weak Wi-Fi.  

“I live in a different apartment now, where the internet is less temperamental! I’ve also gotten myself a proper desk and lately, a proper chair on loan from the office, which is helpful. Never underestimate the importance of a chair with adequate back support, especially when you’re going to be sitting on it for eight hours a day,” says Guarantee Specialist Hana L.

At, we all support each other and many of us, from various departments, have been helping customers around the clock. 

“It’s been a bit of a whirlwind, as I (as well as most of my colleagues) have been drafted in to help with other lines of business. Since the beginning of last year, I’ve been taken on board by Claims, Social Media and Customer Relations,” adds Hana.

“It’s actually been quite interesting — I feel I’ve learned a lot more about how all the different departments work together. I just try to be as versatile and as useful as I can be.”

With many vaccinations being carried out every day, the world can now almost see the light at the end of the tunnel. Our work isn’t over yet but we work hard every day to help all our customers. To date, we have refunded almost 350,000 tickets and counting.

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