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Whether you spotted all of our Easter eggs or not, we’re here to tell you why each and every one of our hidden destinations is worth visiting

From April 3 to April 16,’s €1,000 flight voucher giveaway contest was the talk of travel social media. All you had to do was watch our nine travel hack videos and spot the eight destination Easter eggs; that is, little clues to eight of’s most popular destinations. One eagle-eyed viewer would win that amazing prize.

It’s time to reveal the answers and give you a little teaser as to why you should have all eight places on your travel bucket list.

UK you’ve come to the right fyp👀 #lowcostflight #cheapflights #kiwicomtravelhacks #kiwicomflight ♬ Los Choukarios – Bellecour

It’s always been one of the most popular places in Europe to visit, but the B-word* perhaps makes the UK less attractive to visitors than before. It shouldn’t.

London, of course, is still one of the greatest cities in the world, always providing something new to grab your attention. Although Samuel Johnson’s “if a man is tired of London, he’s tired of life” is a) always misquoted and b) predictable and tedious, he did kind of have a point. Each and every part of London offers something unique — whether culturally, geographically, historically, gastronomically, or any other adverb you can think of.

Out of the capital, we’d recommend the beautiful coastlines of Wales and Cornwall, Manchester and its micro-breweries and nightlife, Glasgow for down-to-earth good times, Oxford for bookshops and bicycles, and… well, there’s just so much more.


Greece @Simon Snopek knows how to escape gloomy weather, do you? 💨 #cheapflights #cheaptravel #traveltok #kiwiflights #kiwicomtravelhacks #kiwicomtravel #kiwicomcheapflights #athensgreece #athens #greecetravel #wehackthesystem #wehacktravel ♬ original sound –

What do you think of when you think of Greece? Ancient civilization? Sunny beaches? Blue skies and clear waters? Whitewashed cottages in villages tumbling toward the sea? Well, keep all those boxes ticked. There’s generally more than a grain of truth in cliché.

The Greek islands fulfill pretty much any criteria you could have for a Mediterranean holiday. Want a week of non-stop partying? You’ll find it on islands like Mykonos and Zakynthos. Looking for the exact opposite, just chilling quietly on the beach or walking through sleepy towns? Lemnos, Samothraki or Kimolos might be for you.

Otherwise, if you’ve never been before, Athens might be the place to start. One of the cradles of European civilization, it went through a tough time during the 20th century, but is being treated with more care and reverence nowadays. How about flying into Athens and then getting the ferry to your island? You can do it all!


Bordeaux Old Town — Getty ImagesBordeaux Old Town — Getty Images

France is the most-visited country in Europe, and it’s not hard to see why. It’s got it all, from genuinely iconic cities and buildings to some of the great art, food and landscapes of the world.

The best way to experience the country is to live the French lifestyle. Simplicity matters, and turning that simplicity into something to be savored is a cornerstone of the French cultural experience. Don’t grab a coffee; sit and enjoy it. Don’t rush, glance, state or need; instead, meander, gaze, discuss and desire. Only by embracing the languid verbs will you truly get the most out of things.

Whether it’s a city break in Bordeaux, vineyard tours in the Loire Valley, camping in the Dordogne or wandering the windswept beaches of Brittany, just go with it. You’ll thank us later.



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Everyone is aware of Amsterdam’s reputation as one of the party cities of Europe, but it’s also one of the prettiest. You can happily spend days getting lost in its maze of streets and waterways, stopping for a coffee now and again with a book and watching the world go by. It’s also an excellent city in which to base yourself to explore the wider country.

You can get to Rotterdam, the second city, in around 40 minutes by train. It’s a lively place as well, its proud industrial heritage standing in contrast to the pretty-prettiness of its neighbor. Or perhaps you’ll head to Utrecht, 30 minutes away and a beautiful, 14th-century university city with tree-lined canals and cobbled lanes: an Amsterdam in miniature.

With the country’s excellent public transport, small size, and on your phone, you can easily see the best of the Netherlands with no trouble at all. 

Czech Republic


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The astronomical clock, a symbol of Prague for centuries, is a common meeting place on the Old Town Square. Look around and you’ll see buildings and side streets that have barely been touched for centuries. Stroll out to the Vltava and gaze across at the wooded hills on the far bank and down to Charles Bridge. Cross the river and walk up to Prague Castle, through Malá Strana and its higgledy-piggledy collection of lanes and courtyards, before rewarding yourself with a beer in a timber-beamed pub.

The Prague experience is a good one, of that there is no doubt, but the Czech Republic has a lot more going for it, all of it easily accessible by train or bus. Busy, bustling Brno, the capital of the Moravia region; industrial Ostrava and its 21st-century reinvention; fairytale Český Krumlov and nearby České Budějovice; beer capital Plzeň… the list goes on. Add the rolling hills of the countryside and adventures from hiking to rafting, and you’ve got a country that’s more than just its capital.



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Portugal is a tale of two big cities — Lisbon and Porto — but also of a country that became a tourist destination very, very quickly and, for the most part, did it extremely well.

Both of the two major cities will give you a lot to get your teeth into. Whether it’s Lisbon with its rattly trams, vibrant Latin and African diasporas and slightly land-that-time-forgot vibe; or the more modern, art-and-restaurants feel of Porto, you’ll find something that takes your fancy.

Otherwise, it’s inland to the mountains, with villages clinging to their sides and surrounded by vineyards. Perhaps you’d prefer to head south to the resorts around Faro and Albufeira, or up the Atlantic coast to the dramatic headlands and crashing waves. If you’d like more, the volcanic islands of the Azores or the subtropical, African-influenced Madeira aren’t far. Check and see what you can find.


Couple sit by harbor in Italy — ShutterstockWhether it’s the busy cities, the Alpine north or the quaint coastal towns, there’ll be places in Italy to suit you down to the ground — Shutterstock

A classic holiday destination, and one that has something to offer whenever you choose to go and whatever type of break you’re after.

City-wise, it’s got the lot — from big, modern cities like Milan and Turin to the glory and history of Rome and Venice, the art of Florence, and the otherworldly chaos of Naples. That’s without mentioning lesser-visited places like Palermo and Catania in Sicily, the port city of Genoa, the stately Siena, and thousands more.

If you’re looking to relax, Italy can provide that too. Beaches abound— especially in the lesser-visited southeast — and small, hidden hillside towns can offer a way of life that seems not to have changed in 500 years. There’s also skiing and snowboarding in the Alpine north in winter, and opulent, year-round resorts around the lakes of Lombardy.


Tourist taking photograph in Zürich — Getty ImagesSwitzerland might not be a place you’d thought of traveling to, but it certainly has its own charm — Getty Images

Finally, a destination that flies somewhat under the radar as a place to go on vacation. Switzerland has a slightly odd place in Europe; geographically and culturally stuck between the passion of Italy, the grand, baroque culture of Germany, the gastronomy and style of France, the ruggedness of Austria, and the what-on-earth-is-that-doing-here of Liechtenstein. It’s all of these things and none of these things.

Passion? Well, not something you’d associate with the introverted Swiss, but some great artists have come from or resided here: Paul Klee, Alberto Giacometti, Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Hermann Hesse, for example. Germanic finery? The red-brick houses and cathedral squares of Basel, Zürich and Bern wouldn’t look out of place in any German city. Food includes a variety of cheeses, risottos, quiches and bread that wouldn’t look out of place on a French table, and to walk it off, Switzerland has some of the cleanest air atop some of the comeliest mountains in Europe.

You can also go to Liechtenstein.

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