Krakow has been named the most budget-friendly city in Europe — Ondřej Koraba

Kraków named Europe’s most budget-friendly city

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The Polish city has been ranked the highest of 36 European destinations and stole the title from Vilnius

Poland’s second city is the least expensive destination for a spring break in Europe. According to the City Costs Barometer ranking created by Post Office Travel Money, Kraków offers the most for a two-person weekend trip from the 36 cities assessed.

Poland's second city, Krakow, offers the best value for a spring break — Ondřej Koraba European budget-frienldyPoland’s second city, Krakow, offers the best value for a spring break — Ondřej Koraba

The researchers examined twelve categories, including the price of two nights accommodation for a couple, the price of beer, wine, a cup of coffee, a can of coca-cola, and a meal for two.

They also took into account the prices of the best art galleries, museums, public transport and airport transfer as well as the most iconic heritage attractions.

According to the findings, a weekend holiday for a couple in Kraków costs around $234 with the accommodation being the most expensive part of the trip. Two nights’ stay in a hotel for two people is around $111.  

Second place went to the capital of Lithuania, Vilnius, a most budget-friendly destination in last year’s listicle. A weekend at the shores of the Baltic sea will cost you around $235.

While coming in third overall, Latvia‘s capital, Riga, offers the cheapest accommodation from all assessed cities. Two nights stay is around $88.

While the majority of top 10 cheapest cities belong to Eastern Europe, Athens, Portugal’s capital Lisbon, and French Lille scored high rankings as well. A weekend in Athens costs around $284 while travellers will pay $296 in Lisbon and almost the same amount in Lille.

Amsterdam and the Scandinavian capitals are the most expensive

With a cost of $758, Amsterdam was named the most expensive European city, closely followed by Oslo and Reykjavik.

Stockholm is the cheapest from all Scandinavian capitals and the local prices are 15% lower in comparison to last year's ranking — Shutterstock european budget-friendlyStockholm is the cheapest of all the Scandinavian capitals and the local prices are 15 per cent lower in comparison to last year’s ranking — Shutterstock

The cheapest capital from all the Scandinavian countries, Stockholm, revealed surprising stats as the price for the stay decreased by 15 per cent in comparison to last year.

“The exchange rate is definitely a factor to consider before booking a break,” said Post Office Travel Money’s Andrew Brown. “Sterling has strengthened against several European currencies, which means even more expensive cities like Stockholm and Reykjavik are cheaper than a year ago.”

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