London vending machine dispenses pouches of whisky

London vending machine dispenses pouches of whisky

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Whisky lovers can quench their thirst near Liverpool Street station until the end of December

As one of the handiest and most universal inventions in human history, the vending machine has been used for various purposes, from serving coffee, sweets, toys, or even used underwear (you hear me Japan?).

Now, Londoners have the unique opportunity to get something far more fancy from these convenient devices.

A team behind the Black Rock Bar — an award-winning bar in Shoreditch — has installed a vending machine that serves whisky in small pouches near Liverpool Street station. The device will be at the spot to quench the thirst of passersby from 1 November until the end of December.  

Anyone willing to taste some of the rich variety of single-malt whiskies the vending machine has to offer must buy a token for $10.50 (£7.95) at the Devil’s Darling inside the Napoleon Hotel.  

The tokens are available for purchase from 5 pm each day, however, the vending machine accepts them at any time between 10 am and 2 am.

The Black Rock Bar has installed the vending machine for the anniversary of their Whisky-Me project, a subscription service of single-malt whiskies postal shipment. The service brings a huge variety of whiskies from all around the world right to the customer’s doorstep, replacing the traditional milkman with the far more popular whisky man.

A pounch of whisky is available for $10.50 (£7.95) — Whisky-Me London vending machine dispenses pouches of whiskyA pouch of whisky is available for $10.50 — Whisky-Me

To underline the approach of Whisky-Me deliveries, the founders have carefully curated the vending machine’s single malt offering “to best represent the flavours and diversity of single malt”.

The Whisky-Me founders say they’re “on a mission to reinvent whisky’s stereotypically serious image with a fun, contemporary approach and a belief that everyone should be able to enjoy delicious whisky without being a connoisseur”.

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