Lucky Redditor accidentally ends up alone on a flight

Lucky Redditor accidentally ends up alone on a flight

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“My top half had the window seat and the bottom half had the aisle,” said the lucky passenger after getting booked on a flight for a crew

Crowded planes can sometimes add a touch of bitterness to your travels. Waiting in the line until everybody is seated, struggling for the armrests, trying to pass over a sleeping passenger when you need to get to the toilet.

I got a whole plane to myself when I was accidentally booked on a flight just meant for moving crew. from mildlyinteresting

But some travellers are luckier than most. Reddit user shadybaby22 found herself in the exact opposite situation after she got booked onto a flight from New York to Washington, D.C. that was intended just for the airline crew.

When my flight was cancelled about eight hours earlier, a confused agent gave me and half the passengers a seat for the plane in the pic before another agent realised everyone could go on an earlier flight.”

“I realised something was wrong when I was the only one in the waiting area 45 minutes before take-off. One of the airport agents came over while I was waiting and asked if that was the flight I was waiting for then said, ‘I knew this would happen’, she wrote in her thread.

“They made an announcement on the speaker but I’d already left to go back to my parent’s house nearby to wait for the next few hours. I was never contacted about the flight change.”

Other Redditors started to joke about her receiving the obligatory security briefing alone.

“So was there an attendant present and did they do the whole spiel about emergency exits with the hand movements and everything?” they asked.

“Yes but she went through it at double the speed of the sound recording giving instructions,” she replied.

To the question why she didn’t pick a window seat – as her selfie suggests – she replied: “More like my top half had the window seat and the bottom half had the aisle.”

Other users wondered why she hadn’t used her unprecedented freedom to something more creative like this gentleman who took a picture of himself in every seat on the plane to create an impressive illusion of a hair free flight.

Despite the fact that she didn’t even receive any additional refreshments, having an empty plane for herself is definitely something to envy.

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