Lufthansa to use sustainable fuel blends in Frankfurt

Lufthansa to use sustainable fuel blends in Frankfurt

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The airline plans to use Neste’s sustainable aviation fuel blended with fossil jet fuel on flights departing from Frankfurt airport

The biggest German airline has been working towards a solution to make aviation travel more sustainable. It has strengthened its collaboration with the world’s leading producer of renewable fuel — Neste. As part of their collaboration, Lufthansa will be using sustainable fuel blends on flights departing from Frankfurt International airport. The first batch of sustainable fuel was delivered to Lufthansa earlier this year.

The cooperation between the two companies goes back to 2011. Lufthansa then successfully tested 1,187 flights between Frankfurt and Hamburg using Neste’s biofuel. For about six months, the airline was running a trial as part of their joint program “BurnFair” and it became the first airline to test alternative fuel in regular flight operations. 


“We are very happy to continue our collaboration with Lufthansa, a company that has supported responsible corporate policies for decades, and is a pioneer in sustainable aviation fuel testing,” said Peter Vanacker, President and CEO of Neste.

“Neste and Lufthansa share the same ambition to increase the sustainability of aviation, and to offer solutions which help our customers achieve personal goals in reducing their carbon footprint.” 

Sustainable aviation fuel has up to 80% smaller CO2 footprint than fossil jet fuel


Aviation travel has been criticized for increasing the amount of human-made carbon emissions on the planet. Today it accounts for about three percent of all CO2 emissions. Sustainable aviation fuel could be part of the solution to reducing aviation-related emissions.

Neste produces its fuel from renewable waste and leftover raw materials. When blended with fossil fuels, it is compatible with the current jet engine technology and fuel distribution infrastructure. Moreover, sustainable aviation fuel has up to 80 percent lower carbon footprint than its fossil counterpart.

In the United States and Europe, Neste can produce around 100,000 tonnes of its fuel a year. With the planned Singapore refinery expansion, Neste will have the capacity to produce more than one million tonnes of renewable fuel by 2022.


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