Man tries to steal a plane to get to rap concert

An 18 year old allegedly thought flying was just about pushing buttons and pulling levers

An 18-year-old man from Arkansas chose an unconventional way to travel to a rap concert on 4 July. To see his favourite performers, the music enthusiast, who was later identified as Zemarcuis Devon Scott, tried to steal a plane allegedly thinking that “flying was just about pushing buttons and pulling levers”.

18 year old Zemarcuis Devon Scott broke into an American Eagle jet thinking flying was easy enough — Ken Wolter / Man tries to steal a plane to get to rap concert
18-year-old Zemarcuis Devon Scott broke into an American Eagle jet thinking flying was easy enough – Ken Wolter / Shutterstock

According to the Texarkana Gazette, an airport security personnel at Texarkana regional airport saw the suspect jumping over the airport fence at around 2:30 am. The security agents contacted police and by the time the officers arrived, the 18 year old had entered an American Eagle twin-engine jet, a small commercial plane, and had closed the door behind him.

The officers approached the aircraft while shining a flashlight into the cockpit. They noticed a man sitting in the pilot’s seat. As they recognised Scott from previous encounters they asked him about his intentions. Scott allegedly explained that he thought flying was easy enough and that he wanted to go to a rap concert in another state.  

Two of the three responding officers present at the scene managed to open the plane’s door, while the third continued to monitor the suspect until he could be taken into custody.

Police then arrested the intruder and charged him with commercial burglary and attempted theft of property with a value greater than $25,000. Scott could face 10 years in prison and a fine of up to$10,000.

Trying to get inside an aeroplane illegally didn’t pay off well for another man in May.

After missing his Jetstar flight to Adelaide, the frustrated passenger decided to run over the tarmac and enter a plane without realising he didn’t even make it to the right aircraft. The flight he attempted to board violently was heading to Sydney.

“@AusFedPolice officers have taken a man into custody after he ran across the tarmac then tried to rip open plane door. Three @JetstarAirways staff were allegedly attacked in the process,” journalist Kieran Jones said in a tweet commenting on a video revealing the man’s attempt.