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Marriott launches homesharing service in London

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World’s largest hotel chain takes on Airbnb-like sites with a network of 200 private homes for short-term rentals

While hotels over the globe wage war against private homesharing services, world’s largest hotel chain, Marriott International, has entered the field of shared economy with a newly launched Airbnb-like website in London.

The Tribute Portfolio Homes service offers more than 200 selected homes in the UK’s capital for short stays. The chain has launched the project as a six-month pilot in cooperation with London-based rental management company, Hostmaker.

Marriott launches its own homesharing service similar to Airbnb —  g0d4ather / ShutterstockMarriott launches its own homesharing service similar to Airbnb — g0d4ather / Shutterstock

Marriott says guests should get a similar experience in a homestay property as they’d get at a Tribute Portfolio Hotel, a project already running under Marriott offering hotel stays.

“Hostmaker already does an incredible job of curating a great portfolio of homes, and we added other types of design, safety, and security criteria that meet our standards,” Marriott chief customer experience officer Adam Malamut said to Skift.

“Through curation among curation that already exists within Hostmaker, and our serious experience and amenities, and earn-and-redeem capabilities, all of that comes together in creating, maybe not an exclusive home, but an end-to-end exclusive brand experience for the customer.”

The new platform differs from Airbnb in a number of features. Mainly, the service puts an emphasis on quality control as the hosts have to undergo regular checks to ensure the rentals meet standards. Airbnb, in contrast, requires only a first check-up and then the quality assessment of the rentals depends on user reviews.  

“We will not take a home unless it meets the design criteria that we have,” said Nakul Sharma, founder and CEO of Hostmaker. “We help design the homes and we have relationships with the homeowners. We offer this up front to owners if they are looking for it, and we advise them on how their home would even more attractive if they were setting it up for a homestay.”

The average nightly rate for a one- or two-bedroom home in this project is $280 to $351.

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