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Cheap travel to and around Mexico, low-cost deals, flexible booking, and popular routes mean that the country is seeing movement thanks to

With the global travel situation improving, more and more people are deciding to see what nearby nations have to offer. is an incredible tool for this, as our cheap travel deals and flexible search and booking options give our customers a wide choice for all their travel needs.

Travelers to and around Mexico have been a big user of during this period, with a number of routes proving popular. Our biggest seller has been Mexico City to Cancún; unsurprising really, seeing as there are flights leaving pretty much hourly with prices starting at around $43. It helps if your country is one of the best destinations for beach holidays in the world, and it seems that Mexicans are really taking advantage of routes like this!

City hops are popular too, with prices from Mexico City to Monterrey or Guadalajara starting at just $39 and $44 respectively, but routes all across the country are experiencing low prices right now.

Save money, stay flexible

Panoramic view of an emblematic mountain, Cerro de la Silla, in MonterreyPanoramic view of Cerro de la Silla, one of many mountains in Monterrey, Mexico. — Shutterstock

Needing to save money (as many of us do right now) is just one of the reasons people book with You can sort your search results to find the absolute lowest price available, and because we look at thousands of routes from thousands of travel providers, you can be confident you’re getting the best deal without having to check anywhere else. No more clicking between tabs or juggling your options to find routes that fit, is your go-to site for all your travel needs.

Another reason people book with, especially at the moment, is that with the travel situation still in a state of flux in many cases, it’s good to know that you can cancel or change your booking easily if required. gives passengers a choice of three fare types: Saver, Standard, and Flexi, each offering options to suit every type of traveler, from incredibly low prices to ultimate flexibility when it comes to refunds, changes, or cancellations.

New ways to connect

A feature that we’re especially proud of at and one that continues to offer people a new way to save money and choose precisely how they want to travel is self-connect. What’s that? Well, it means that can connect all types of transport, be it plane, bus or train, into one itinerary and sell it for one single price. Again, no more messing about trying to find the cheapest options, or checking and double-checking that your connection times work: does all that for you. You just pick your route and away you go!

Want even more flexibility? Sure, no problem. As well as dates, you can even choose which time of day you’d like to leave or arrive, so less popular times — 7 am on a Thursday, say — mean even cheaper options.

If you still haven’t found a journey that’s absolutely perfect for you, set up a Price Alert and will inform you when that route becomes available at a great price. You’ll never miss a bargain again.

For those wanting a bit more adventure, you can simply set your home city in the search bar and select To: Anywhere. This will give you a list of the cheapest destinations available to you, so you could be somewhere you’d never even considered, in a couple of days, for just a few dollars!

Make the most of multi-city

Finally, and this is for those planning a bigger adventure in the future we’d imagine, has NOMAD, the cheapest and easiest way to plan and book multi-city trips.

If you’ve ever tried to plan a multi-city trip before, you’ll know it can be a lot of work. Making sure all of your connections make sense, finding the cheapest prices, wondering if you’ve missed something better or more convenient, all the while double- and triple-checking that everything actually fits together.

So, for example, let’s take those popular cities mentioned above, and let’s say you want to spend a couple of nights in each place. Put them into NOMAD, and within a couple of seconds you’re presented with an itinerary taking you from Mexico City to Monterrey, onto Guadalajara, then Cancún, and back to Mexico City for a mere $128. Amazing!

Finally, you can make sure you get all this on the move by downloading the app. You get all the search functions, booking options, and flexibility, all in your pocket. It’s also where all your travel documents are stored when you book with, so you can feel confident you’ve got everything you need right there with you.

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