Most travelers expect to be able to travel within 6 months, poll shows

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By |’s top 5 trending destinations have been Istanbul, London, Mexico City, Moscow, and Milan

With individuals and companies alike looking out for a light at the end of the tunnel, traveling abroad hasn’t disappeared from peoplesminds. Based on a recent poll, more than two-thirds of respondents anticipate being able to travel within the next six months.

Positive outlook for travel in spring and summer 2021

In a poll conducted by on 22–23 January 2021 with over 700 respondents, 68% of them anticipated being able to travel in the next six months. The same percentage of respondents would get vaccinated if a vaccine became available to them.

“Based on our data from the poll, almost 68% of people plan to get vaccinated as soon as possible and look forward to being able to travel in the next six months. And on top of this, over 60% plan to make the most of this freedom by traveling even more than they did before,” said Eliška Dočkalová, Director of Customer Experience at

Almost 80% of respondents said they would get vaccinated against COVID-19 if it allowed them to travel sooner.

According to the latest report from the European Travel Commission, 54% of Europeans aim to make a trip before the end of July 2021, either domestically or to another country in Europe.

One in three Europeans believes that May–July is the most feasible period for their next trip. Travelers from the UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, and Austria are the most eager to see some sun and enjoy a holiday at the coast.

Despite the rising number of people intending to travel, the poll revealed less than 20% of people have booked any travel for 2021. More than half (54%) responded they will be booking their journeys last-minute as opposed to planning ahead.

Two-thirds (69%) of ETC’s European respondents indicated they will feel safer and more relaxed with strict health and safety protocols in place.

ETC reported the COVID-19 vaccine rollout remains a crucial factor in kickstarting travel within Europe. Confidence in travel gradually improves (from 49% in September 2020 to 54% in January 2021) while those with concerns over flying have decreased (from 20% to 16%).

Mexico City tops’s most-booked destinations globally

In January, Mexico City topped the most-booked destinations globallyIn January, Mexico City topped the most-booked destinations globally — Shutterstock’s top five January bookings included Istanbul, London, Mexico City, Moscow, and Milan — a selection of destinations confirming travelers are looking beyond European destinations. 

Istanbul, London, and Milan have been among the most popular since fall 2020.

In January, Mexico City topped the most-booked destinations globally. The majority of bookings came from domestic travelers, followed by those from the US, France, Colombia, the UK, and Canada.

“We recorded an unusually high number of bookings to Mexico City,” said Dočkalová. 

“As Mexico does not require a COVID-19 test or any period of quarantine, it has become a destination of choice for those who want to have a holiday right now. However, we always recommend that travelers check the situation and specific measures at both the layover location, if they are connecting, and their final destination,” added Dočkalová.

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