Mykonos: the hottest island for travellers

Once an impoverished island, Mykonos is now the hippest place on Earth – according to the’s 200 Coolest Destinations

The ancient fishing villages of the Cyclades are some of the most photogenic in the world, and Mykonos is surely the most popular of these already. But a further accolade is that it’s topping the list of’s 200 Coolest Destinations, showing that the Greek island is increasing in popularity at an ever-growing rate.

Mýkonos is the most popular island in the Cyclades, and the coolest destination for travelling — Shutterstock Greece,
Mykonos is the most popular island in the Cyclades, and the coolest destination for travelling in 2017 — Shutterstock

Once Mykonos was one of the poorest of all of Greece’s many islands; the economy stagnated through the nineteenth century after years of shipping passed through its ports. Now, it is perhaps the richest, and one of the most expensive.

That hasn’t stopped the island from blowing up on social media. Zoella and Alfie Deyes, two of the world’s most popular YouTubers, holiday there every summer, and Instagram posts from the island garner a huge amount of likes. As we reported a few months back, people are increasingly choosing their holidays based on what they see on social media.

Mykonos’ current popularity as a holiday destination began in the thirties, where it was a hotspot for the rich and famous of the day. Then it was occupied, plundered, and driven into famine by the Italians during the Second World War.

Thanks to a plethora of budget flights it is possible to get to Mýkonos for  $120 in during the season — Shutterstock greece, coolest
Thanks to a plethora of budget flights it is possible to get to Mykonos from London for $120 during the season — Shutterstock

Tourism didn’t recover until the fifties, when gay travellers and bohemians discovered its relaxed charm. While luxury travel has gradually arrived, and dominated, the island’s economy, it has never lost its loud and proud gay scene.

During the high season, budget flights command the skies over Mykonos. That means it’s possible to arrive on the island from London for less than $120 and save your hard-earned cash to enjoy the insurmountably relaxed Greek lifestyle.

And while it’s easily possible to spend $12,000 on accommodation if you so desire, there are many beautiful hotels to choose from that offer a six-night stay on the beachfront for less than $500.