Nicaragua opens its gates to more visitor

Nicaragua opens its gates to more visitors

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The Central American country has launched a campaign to restore its tourism sector

Nicaragua can soon return to travelers’ bucket lists as the local tourism authorities have come up with a new initiative. 

In cooperation with the Latin American Travel Association (Lata), the Nicaraguan Tourism Board and the Nicaraguan Embassy launched their #NicaraguaisOpen campaign aiming to promote Nicaragua’s tourism offering.


The campaign is aiming to restore the industry that has been struggling with lower visitor numbers since a failed coup in 2018. 

In 2017 alone, Nicaragua welcomed over two million visitors. However, the political situation made many countries enforce strict travel advice.

The new restoration efforts follow a decision made by the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office in February 2019. The bureau relaxed its advice for travelers to the country, no longer warning against all but essential travel. 

Getting back on the map

Recently, more than 80 tour operators, cruise lines, diplomats and members of the Latin American tourism industry attended an event in central London.

Nicaragua’s deputy ambassador Ricardo Carioni said: “This event is a key element of a campaign we started in September with Lata, following conversations we had about what we can do to get Nicaragua back on the map.


“It allows us to have direct contact with people from the industry from different sectors, coming together to London to hear about Nicaragua and give us their impressions.

“We want to tell the world Nicaragua is ready and open for business.”

Among other initiatives, Nicaragua will also be among the first to open Lata’s new online travel training hub (OTT), set to launch in November.

The hub will also feature various agent training modules on each country in the region, split into five geographical groups, and sit alongside a hub of other content about Latin America.

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