NOMAD: how to visit multiple destinations for the lowest price

It’s the ultimate travel hack that will help you see all the places you want while saving you the most money

It always starts with excitement. You know exactly where you want to go, your list of cities for that once-in-a-lifetime trip. But then you have to wade through endless travel sites, check hundreds of flights, try and get all your choices to connect… and then still be unsure whether you’ve got the best deal.

Not any more.

It’s time for you to experience a travel revolution.

Introducing the innovative travel search tool: NOMAD from For just a fraction of the usual cost, you can choose where you want to go, the start and end dates, and how long you’d like to stay in each destination. NOMAD shuffles the order of the cities, checking every possible route combination to find the cheapest way to visit every city on the list.

“I really enjoyed using NOMAD as it gives me the flexibility to choose what dates I want to start and end my trip. I also love the fact I can choose a range of dates I would like to stay at each destination. This flexibility creates an immense combination of possibilities to choose and book from,” — Eliana C.

With a regular multi-city search, your options might be quite limited, with expensive routes or inconvenient times. And it could even take you a couple of sleepless nights to plan your trip the way you want it. 


A trip generated by NOMAD will cost you €250 while a regular multi-city journey will cost you almost twice as much, even though you visit the same destinations —
A trip generated by NOMAD will cost you €250 while a regular multi-city journey will cost you almost twice as much, even though you visit the same destinations —

Build multi-city trips, but with a twist

NOMAD is a revolution to multi-city travel as we know it. Its secret lies in a powerful algorithm we’ve created coupled with our vast database of travel-related information, including both air and ground transport. 

“It was a bit futuristic. The interface is truly easy to use. It was smooth” — André N.

It gives you complete freedom to customise your trip without the stress and confusion of endless searching for the best deals. And what’s more, all your travel plans will be in one place and in the order that saves the most money!

And of course, all travel is protected by the Guarantee. That way customers can have an enjoyable travel experience and not have to worry about missing any connections. 

We’re the all-in-one solution for all your travel-related needs. We’re making travel better.

Explore the possibilities. Go check it out. Go NOMAD.