Week in travel: Paris opens first wellness centre for nudists

Week in travel: Paris opens first wellness centre for nudists

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A Sardinian town sells homes for $1.20, while United denies boarding to an emotional support peacock, and Florida is named the worst state “based on everything”

Specially trained animals and companions serving to calm their owners have become quite a usual part of air travel.

However, not all creatures can easily board the plane, as the latest incident at a New Jersey airport shows. American carrier United Airlines turned away an emotional support peacock accompanying a woman suffering from flight anxiety.

United told NBC News that the peacock “did not meet guidelines for a number of reasons, including its weight and size.”

“We explained this to the customer on three separate occasions before they arrived at the airport,” the airline said. “We know that some customers require an emotional support animal to assist them through their journey.”

The incident encouraged the carrier to emphasize the rules for accepting support animals on board.

“In order to ensure we provide the best service to everyone onboard our flights, consistent with government rules we currently require these customers to provide documentation from a medical professional and at least 48 hours advance notice.”

Italian town sells old houses for $1.20 to attract new residents

Buying a summer house in Sardinia has never been cheaper as Ollolai, a town in the mountain region of Barbagia, tries to tackle a trend of declining population by selling empty houses for $1.20.

With a decrease from 2,250 to 1,300 inhabitants in the last few years, the location is slowly becoming a ghost town.

“We boast prehistoric origins,” says Efisio Arbau, Ollolai’s mayor. “My crusade is to rescue our unique traditions from falling into oblivion.

“Pride in our past is our strength. We’ve always been tough people and won’t allow our town to die.”

But of course, there is a twist. The houses for sale are all in terrible condition and the new owners will be obliged to fix them over a period of three years. Every applicant has to have at least $25,000 for the refurbishment and can’t sell the house until a period of 5 years has elapsed.

World’s first wellness center accepting nudists opens in Paris

First ever wellness for nudists opens in Paris — ShutterstockFirst-ever wellness for nudists opens in Paris — Shutterstock

Sportspeople that enjoy their activities in the simplest attire possible now have an unprecedented opportunity in the French capital.

A local organization defending the right to be naked, the Paris Naturists’ Association, launched a wellness center that accepts nudists for exercise sessions two evenings a week.

Nudity enthusiasts can take part in a range of sports including swimming, yoga, water aerobics, and gym sessions.

While during all the activities nakedness is allowed, gym users have to use at least a towel on the equipment and, more ironically, swimmers are asked to wear a swimming cap.

Thrillist names Florida the worst state in the US

Florida man strikes again. This time, he ruins the reputation of his entire state.

Online list maker Thrillist ranked all 50 states with factors ‘based on everything’ and named an unsurprising loser.

“When putting together a list such as this, there can be some temptation to defy popular expectations, and go against the grain.”

“However, Florida’s awfulness resume is so staggeringly impressive that it couldn’t go any other way. You were born for this. Embrace it.”

The authors emphasized the states’ contributions to America: inventions, food/drink, somewhat productive famous people, unique physical beauty, and so on.

The best state in the country, on the other hand, is apparently Michigan, followed by Maine and Kentucky.

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