Peru will form a new national park in the Amazon rainforest – Álvaro del Campo/ Andes Amazon Fund Yaguas

Peru creates two-million-acre national park in the Amazon

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The area, comparable to Yellowstone in size, is home to one of the richest fish faunas in the world

The Peruvian government has decided to preserve a large part of its unique natural ecosystem and has announced the creation of a new national park in the Amazon rainforest.

The Yaguas National Park, in the northeastern region of Peru, will safeguard 2,147,166 acres of the Amazon – including a vast river system. The park will be comparable to the Yellowstone National Park park in size.

Peru will form a new national park in the Amazon rainforest – Álvaro del Campo / Andes Amazon FundThe Yaguas national park is in one of the most biodiverse regions of the world – Álvaro del Campo / Andes Amazon Fund

According to the Andes Amazon Fund, which financially supports the government’s decision, the park will protect one of the richest fish faunas in the world. It is home to “more types of freshwater fish than anywhere else in the country – approximately 550 species”.

“The park’s creation is a key step in conserving the country’s biodiversity and protecting the ancestral lands of indigenous peoples,” the fund stated.

“The Andes Amazon Fund will donate one million dollars towards the goal of implementing the park and to providing social development opportunities for indigenous communities near Yaguas National Park.”

The area has been facing pressures of mining activities interest and devastation caused by illegal logging for past 20 years.

A number of local indigenous communities expressed their concern over these threats to the rainforest and supported the park’s creation.

Peru will form a new national park in the Amazon rainforest – Andes Amazon Fund YaguasThe park will cover an area of two million acres – Andes Amazon Fund

“The benefits are for everyone, for the future of everyone, for the country, and for the world,” remarked Liz Chicaje Churay, president of the Federation of the Native Communities of Ampiyacu.

Eriberto Jiménez Hilorio, president of the Indigenous Federation of the Border Communities of Putumayo, said: “The mountain of our ancestors has to be a national park because it is a sacred place.”

Andes Amazon Fund program director Enrique Ortiz said: “As a Peruvian conservationist, I am proud that with the creation of Yaguas National Park, Peru continues on the path of creating one of the most amazing park systems in the world. This park is as large as Yellowstone National Park and probably 10 times as diverse.”



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