Planes, trains, and automobiles: multimodal travel from

Planes, trains, and automobiles: multimodal travel from

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Read all about our travel hack that lets you combine flights, trains and buses in one cheap itinerary

At, we hack the system so that you can travel for less. We strive to get you from A to B not just for the best price, but in the most efficient way possible. That’s why our Kiwi-Code doesn’t just find cheap flights; it also looks for ground transport — trains and buses — allowing us to incorporate all modes of connection in one easy, straightforward, cost-effective itinerary. This is multimodal travel from

Travel by bus or train with

Woman sat by window on a train looking at smartphone and smiling — ShutterstockDid you know that can find you great deals on trains and buses, as well as flights? — Shutterstock

When you’re planning a trip, do you ever think about whether it’d be cheaper and/or faster to get to your destination by bus or train, instead of flying? Finding a definitive answer required a lot of time and effort on your part, sifting through many ground transport routes operated by various companies on lots of search websites. Until now.

Travel tech solutions are what does, and they come in the form of innovative travel hacks made possible by our Kiwi-Code’s ability to scan over 95% of the global travel inventory. Multimodal travel is just one of our travel hacks, and in essence, it means that you can find the cheapest flights, trains and buses in one place, with a single search, so that you know you’re getting from one place to another in the best way possible.

The benefit of multimodal travel

Man with backpack in front of a bus/coach — ShutterstockIn just a few clicks, choose one itinerary from A to B — Shutterstock

Let’s say you’re traveling from a small town to another small town in a different country — you’ll definitely need more than just an airplane to get from start to finish! With, you can book a train or bus that will take you to the city and the airport, a plane to your destination country, and more ground transport at the other end to where you’re staying. This is all in one search, with one itinerary and at one price, and you’re able to pick the most convenient travel option to suit you.

Searching for multimodal itineraries search results page with multimodal travel filter on and highlighedThis is where you’ll find the ‘Transport’ filter on our website…


Top of search results page on app, with multimodal travel filter highlighed…and this is where it is in the app.

Finding multimodal itineraries on couldn’t be easier. Make your search on our website or in our app, then, on the results page, find the ‘Transport’ filter. Use this to see or hide itineraries containing flights, trains or buses. How long will this whole process take you? One minute, tops!

Depending on what you’re looking for, we can show you results in order of price, travel time, departure time, or the best overall. Simply click on ‘Cheapest’, ‘Fastest’, ‘Earliest’, or ‘Best’ at the top of the page.

Just a heads up…

Any multimodal travel itinerary is also a self-transfer itinerary, so you should be mindful of all the things to be taken into account when booking with the self-transfer travel hack. These things include:

  • retrieving your luggage or checking it in mid-journey
  • getting between an airport terminal and a station
  • making sure you have the travel documents you need to be permitted inside the country where your bus or train departs or arrives

To read more about self-transfer, the travel hack at the very core of the product, click here.

So, what are you waiting for? Head to to get the best multimodal travel itinerary for your budget! Did you know that we have this search option?👀 #multimodaltravel #travelbyplane #travelbybus #travelbytrain #cheaptravel #kiwicomtravel #kiwicomhackthesystem #wehackthesystem #flyforless ♬ Peace – Official Sound Studio

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