New Zealand campaigns to get the country back on world maps

Prime minister campaigns to get New Zealand back on world maps

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The land of Kiwis has been missing on maps made by Ikea, Starbucks or Getty images

New Zealand has been facing a conspiracy beyond measures. The country famous for the Hakka dance, the kiwi bird and as Peter Jackson’s set for The Lord of the Rings has been disappearing from world maps used by companies such as Ikea, Starbucks and Getty Images.

That is why the prime minister Jacinda Ardern has teamed up with Rhys Darby, an actor famous from a comedy show Flight Of The Conchords, to raise awareness and campaign to get the country back on public walls.

In a two and a half minute video, Darby claims there has to be a reason behind it. He accuses Australia of stealing their tourists as well as France of being afraid of New Zealand‘s growing wine industry. He even suggests that the disappearance can be a result of envious English rugby players.

“This is big, bigger than thought. Bigger than the moon landing and Loch Ness monster combined. Which, by the way, is one of my theories, that these two are combined,” Darby says as he tries to express the importance of the issue in the video.     

The purpose of the promotional video is to support the #getNZonthemap campaign that aims to attract tourists back to one of the most isolated countries on the globe.

New Zealanders have noticed that their country is being “deleted” from various world maps around a year ago and subsequently created a subreddit MapsWithoutNZ, where nearly 30,000 subscribers can submit their examples of the latest blunder.

“Well, I do have one more theory. We’re quite a fiddly looking shaped country. A bit like a half-eaten lamb chop. Perhaps, people are just leaving us of thinking we are a mistake,” Darby extends his range of explanations.

“Rhys, you might be onto something. But we are going to need some help,” Adern says pointing out that everybody interested into this horrible mistake can help to spread the campaign using the hashtag #getNZonthemap.

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