Primera Air low-cost flights from Stansted to New York, Washington, Toronto — Wikimedia Commons low-cost fares

Primera Air launches low-cost fares from Stansted to New York, Washington and Toronto

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Latvia based carrier is the first to offer budget transatlantic hauls from London’s third airport

Icelandic low-cost airline, Primera Air, has launched new budget-friendly transatlantic routes from London Stansted to New York, Washington DC and Toronto.

Primera Air is the first low-cost carrier to launch translatlantic routes from Stansted — Claudio Divizia / ShutterstockPrimera Air has launched low-cost transatlantic routes from Stansted — Claudio Divizia / Shutterstock

The carrier, that is based in Riga and operates under Danish license, joined an increasingly competitive company of budget airlines with cut-price fares without hold luggage or food and drinks, but is the only one to operate the low-cost flights from London’s third airport.

“There is a big demand from the catchment area of Stansted, from Essex,” said Primera Air’s chief commercial officer, Anastasija Visnakova.

London Stansted was lacking the transatlantic connectivity. To get to Heathrow from Essex is like taking another flight.”

“Around Stansted, there is the Cambridge area, the pharmaceutical companies, and a huge demand for North America. There is the Cambridge to Cambridge, Massachusetts, link,” she added.

The airline now has a fleet consisting of 10 aircraft but plans to expand while adding other destinations to their itinerary.

“We are definitely looking for more destinations,” said Visnakova. “Not only to North America. Of course, North America is our main focus now, and the aircraft are ideal for that, but also in the opposite direction.”

Visnakova says the airline reflects the demand for more affordable flights and for direct flights “from A to B”. She also acknowledges that the budget carriers market situation is rather intense with Norwegian being their biggest competitor.

“People are getting smart, they are willing to travel, and travel should become more affordable.”

“The technology is there, so why not share it with the customer and give them the opportunity to travel.”

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