Ridiculously named Wi-Fi forces plane to make emergency landing

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A plane carrying 100 passengers had to land unexpectedly because of Wi-Fi named “bomb on board”

Some pranks just go too far and cause unnecessary discomfort and disruption.

A Turkis Airlines flight from Nairobi to Istanbul had to make an emergency landing in Sudan because of a silly wi-fi name  —Tomas Palsovic / Shutterstock A Turkish Airlines flight had to make an emergency landing because of a silly wi-fi name —Tomas Palsovic / Shutterstock

It was because of such “joke” that passengers flying from Nairobi to Istanbul experienced a bizarre emergency. A Turkish Airlines flight carrying 100 people had to be diverted because of the silly Wi-Fi network name “bomb on board”.

After the name caused concern among the passengers, the pilots decided to make an emergency landing in Khartoum airport in Sudan.  

All passengers had to leave the plane for security reasons.  According to Reuters the flight resumed safely after a security check of the aircraft and passengers.

“Experts said the Wi-Fi network in question was created on board. No irregularities were seen after security procedures were carried out, and passengers were brought back on the plane once boarding restarted,” Turkish Airlines said in a statement.

The airline confirmed that all passengers boarded the plane again but didn’t specify if they identified the prankster who named the network.

Even though this event is a bit ridiculous, it is not the first time such an incident has occurred.

A flight from Cancun to London had to be cancelled in May after a passenger noticed a Wi-Fi hotspot with the name Jihadist Cell London 1.

Last year, a Melbourne to Perth flight operated by Qantas was just about to take off when a passenger noticed the Wi-Fi network name Mobile Detonation Device. The flight was delayed for two hours.

Another, called Al-Qaeda Free Terror Network, caused a huge delay of an American Airlines flight at Los Angeles airport that was supposed to proceed to London. Once the security check confirmed the plane was safe, the departure was delayed once again because the crew’s hours were up and they had to be replaced.