Ryanair to charge for second carry-on bag

Ryanair to charge for second carry-on bag

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Two pieces of hand luggage will remain free of charge only for passengers with priority boarding 

For the second time in a year, Ryanair has decided to change their hand luggage policy.

The Ireland-based low-cost carrier has announced that from 1 November they will charge all customers without the priority boarding service an extra fee for a second larger carry-on bag up to 10 kg.

Ryanair is about to change luggage policy for the second time in a year — FocusBreatheShoot / ShutterstockRyanair is about to change luggage policy for the second time in a year – FocusBreatheShoot / Shutterstock

The new rules will mean a dramatic reduction in the amount of free baggage allowance for passengers. The overall volume of luggage allowed without fees will be reduced by almost two-thirds from 58 litres to 20 litres.

To take two pieces of carry-on luggage, one smaller and one up to 10 kg, passengers will have either pay for the second luggage or to book priority boarding.

While the priority boarding option will be cheaper, the carrier only offers the service to 95 passengers per flight.

“From November 2018, we are introducing a new lower cost 10 kg checked bag and changing our carry-on bag policy to eliminate boarding/flight delays. Priority Boarding customers will continue to enjoy two free carry-on bags,” Ryanair’s Kenny Jacobs said.

“This new policy will speed up the boarding and cut flight delays. 60 per cent of customers will be unaffected by these changes and we expect that the other 40 per cent will either choose to buy Priority Boarding or a 10 kg check bag or will choose to travel with only one (free) small bag as 30 per cent already do so today,” Jacobs added.

Jabocs added that the new change might mean paying more for luggage, but the fare prices will drop down at the same time. “This is a fair outcome customers will get used to,” he said. 

This new rule comes not even a year after a dramatic change in carry-on policy. The current rules allow two carry-on bags on board only to passengers with priority boarding. Others have to place their larger item on hold.

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