Save money while traveling in style with Mixed Cabin Classes news


By | customers can now merge first class, business, and economy classes into a single itinerary

Would you like to enjoy all the perks of premium or business classes while remaining on a budget? Thanks to a new feature from, it is now possible. 

Since 2012,’s revolutionary technology of Virtual Interlining has been providing the option of combining routes of carriers that do not cooperate with each other. And now, the industry-leading search allows you to merge premium, business, and economy classes into one single itinerary.

The unique feature allows you to select a business class for your long-haul connection, with all the legroom, lounges, food and drink, and the extra comfort that comes with it. While for your short flight, you can choose economy to save money. 

To find the most fitting itinerary, simply go to search and select the highest cabin class you would like to experience during your trip. Then click the Apply mixed classes checkbox on the page. will then find you all the available options.  

Whether you prefer traveling in style, or you simply want to treat yourself from time to time, the’s Mixed Cabin Classes filter does everything for you in one simple click. 

New possibilities for passengers with dynamic travel needs

Passengers can combine premium, business, and economy classes into a single itineraryPassengers can combine first class, business, and economy classes into a single itinerary

The new feature of Mixed Cabin Classes reflects the rapid development in the travel industry. With its ambition of becoming the world’s first Virtual Global Supercarrier, aims to improve all aspects of traveling for passengers with various preferences.   

“Mixed classes open new possibilities for all our customers and especially for those who have dynamic travel needs. In business travel, the schedules change very dynamically and time saved on the trips is very valuable for these customers,” says Andrej Makovicky, VP of Search BE, Research and Analytics at

“Mixed classes help them [customers] to utilize Virtual Interlining and even combined cabin classes in a hassle-free manner and save on their travel costs as well.” 

The option of selecting and mixing cabin classes is available both on the website and mobile application.