Snowstorm hits Hawaii — possibly for the first time

Snowstorm hits Hawaii — possibly for the first time

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While blustery winds and heavy rain roam through the country, officials at a state park in Maui report falling snow

Early on Monday morning, a storm buffeted the Hawaiian Islands causing damage. However, strong wind gusts weren’t the only thing blowing away that day. The officials at the Polipoli State Park in Maui reported a rather unusual occurrence — snow.

With Hawaii’s average February temperatures above 20C (around 70F), the cold white blanket covering the tropical islands surprised many.

“For perhaps the first time ever, snow has fallen in a Hawaii State Park. Polipoli State Park on Maui is blanketed with snow. It could be the lowest elevant snow ever recorded in the state. Polipoli is at 1,900 metres (6,200 feet) elevation,” said the Department of Land and Natural Resources.

The Honolulu Department of Emergency Management advised for extra caution, especially while driving. Beaches and parks have closed. Evacuation centres, on the other hand, have opened in some areas.

Strong winds have torn down trees and branches, leading to complications on roadways. Forecasters have warned that falling trees could potentially damage roofs and poorly built structures.

Moreover, fierce winds and heavy rainfall sweeping through the country have knocked down traffic lights and power lines.

“Conditions are windy and we do have trees and utility poles and other objects falling onto the street,” said Hiro Toiya from the Department of Emergency Management.

More rain and heavy winds are forecast and unsettled weather might persist into the weekend.

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