Southwest saves 62 cats and dogs from hurricane-hit Puerto Rico

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Southwest Airlines’ Boeing 737 also carried more than 6 tonnes of humanitarian supplies for locals

Everybody deserves a helping paw. On 20 January American carrier Southwest Airlines teamed up with various animal rescue organisations and helped them save dozens of puppies and kitties from Puerto Rico.

Organizations partner to fly rescue animals from Puerto Rico to the D.C. area for adoption in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria — Southwest dogs catsOrganisations partnered to fly rescue animals from Puerto Rico to the DC area for adoption in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria — Southwest Airlines

The devastating Hurricane Maria hit the island in September, and some members of its two-legged, as well as the four-legged population, remain helpless.

In partnership with Puerto Rico animal rescue organisation, PR Animals, Lucky Dog Staff and medical personnel from Friendship Hospital for Animals, the Lucky Dog Animal Rescue and Southwest identified 62 cats and dogs from across the island in need of forever homes.

“Lucky dog animal rescue is partnering with Southwest airlines for a mandatory relief mission to bring supplies down to San Juan, Puerto Rico and to bring 62 dogs and cats back to the DC area for adoption” said Mirah Horowitz, Executive Director and Founder of Lucky Dog Animal Rescue organisation, in a video on Twitter.

“The devastation that Hurricane Maria caused the communities of Puerto Rico is heartbreaking,” said Linda Rutherford, Southwest Airlines Chief Communications Officer.

“Our Employees are eager to lend a hand in bringing relief to San Juan by partnering with a DC-based animal organisation, Lucky Dog Animal Rescue, and Puerto Rico Animal Relief organisation, PR Animals, in transporting dozens of impacted animals to the DC area in hopes of finding their forever homes.”

Not only did Southwest airlift the animals to Baltimore where they wait for adoption, but the Boeing 737 flight also delivered more than six tonnes of humanitarian supplies for local people hit by the hurricane.

“This flight will literally save lives – both of the animals who are transported to DC as well as to those who remain on the island and need the supplies we are bringing,” Horowitz added SouthWest’s press release.

Some of the Puerto Rico pets are still waiting to be adopted here.