Street food chef in Bangkok receives a Michelin star

Street food chef in Bangkok receives a Michelin star

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Crispy seafood omelettes brought a prestigious award to a 70-year-old Thai restaurant owner

Food stalls make Bangkok a foodie's paradise — Shutterstock street food Michelin BangkokFood stalls make Bangkok a foodie’s paradise — Shutterstock

Food in Thailand is no joke – without any exaggeration we can call it nothing less than a lifestyle. The opportunity to grab a bite to eat is everywhere and the smell of the most exotic spices will entice you everywhere you go.

Now, the unique and never-ending supply of the tastiest dishes in the Thai capital of Bangkok has been finally recognised by world’s famous guidebook Michelin.

17 restaurants around the metropolis received the famous star with three of them getting two: a modern Indian restaurant Gaggan, French excellent dining restaurant La Normandie at the Mandarin Oriental, and Mezzaluna, where a Japanese chef Ryuki Kawasaki creates specialities from European cuisine.

La Normandie at the Mandarin Oriental’s chef and the two-star winner Arnauld Dunand Sauthier said: “This is not just a victory for me – or the other restaurants here – but a victory for Thailand as it rightfully takes its place on the stage as one of the world’s best culinary destinations.”

Yet it wasn’t these restaurants that caught most international attention. Thai food is mostly connected to street food as stalls with plethora of vendors enrich life on every street. However, the guidebook has strict criteria of only evaluating restaurants with a fixed addresses, which rules out many of the stalls.

Only 70-year-old street food legend Jay Fai was lucky enough to have his rural dishes included in the guidebook. Fai received one star for his restaurant in Banglumphu.

Fai prepares the most iconic, and also some of the most expensive, street meals in town. His restaurant gained a reputation for its crisp seafood-stuffed 1000 Thai baht omelettes.

Despite not awarding street vendors the little red book includes recommendations for visitors looking for street food options and the finest stalls. The full Michelin guide includes 98 restaurants across various categories.

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