These are Europe’s best train stations

These are Europe’s best train stations

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St. Pancras ranked first while German stations dominated the list 

When traveling one wants to go through a pleasant experience. And according to a recent study, passengers should head to London’s St. Pancras to receive the best service out of all Europe’s major railway stations.

The new annual study called the European Railway Station Index ranked Europe’s 50 largest train stations based on passenger experience. The maximum number of points a station could receive was 139. 

It took into account a number of factors “ranging from how crowded platforms are and accessibility to the number of destinations and cleanliness”, according to the company’s official website. Other factors included the choice of restaurants, shops, signage, or the number of strike days affecting travel.

The company organizing the research Consumer Choice Centre (CCC) reached out to the stations to gather relevant data. It has also compiled data from the stations’ websites, online statistics, and by conducting its own research. 

Magenta station in Paris scored the lowest in the list

The iconic St. Pancras in London topped this year’s rankingThe iconic St. Pancras in London topped this year’s ranking — Shutterstock

St. Pancras topped the rankings with a score of 116 points followed by Switzerland’s Zurich station with a total score of 111 points. St. Pancras was the only UK station to make it into the top 10. Birmingham New Street, London Bridge, and London Victoria made it to the twelfth, fifteenth, and twentieth place respectively.

Overall, the first 10 places were dominated by German stations: Leipzig, Munich, Hamburg, Berlin and Frankfurt. Italy succeeded with placing two stations in the top 10: Roma Termini (fourth) and Milan Central Station (eighth).

On the other hand, out of all 50 major train stations, passengers will receive the worst service at two stations in Paris — Magenta with 41 points, and Haussmann-Saint-Lazare with 44 points — and in Copenhagen’s Nørreport with 43 points.

Europe’s 10 best train stations

  1. St Pancras, London, UK
  2. Zürich Central Station, Zurich, Switzerland
  3. Leipzig Central Station, Leipzig, Germany
  4. Roma Termini, Rome, Italy
  5. München Central Station, Munich, Germany
  6. Hamburg Central Station, Hamburg, Germany
  7. Berlin Central Station, Berlin, Germany
  8. Milan Central Station, Milan, Italy
  9. Moscow Kazansky, Moscow, Russia
  10. Frankfurt Central Station, Frankfurt, Germany

Europe’s 10 worst train stations

  1. Magenta, Paris, France 
  2. Nørreport, Copenhagen, Denmark 
  3. Haussmann-Saint-Lazare, Paris, France
  4. Châtelet–Les Halles, Paris, France
  5. Torino Porta Nuova, Turin, Italy
  6. Oslo Central Station, Oslo, Norway
  7. Dortmund Central Station, Dortmund, Germany
  8. Berlin Friedrichstrasse, Berlin, Germany
  9. Wien Mitte, Vienna, Austria
  10. Helsinki Central Station, Helsinki, Finland
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