Top 10 best destinations to visit in November

Top 10 best destinations to visit in November

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We’ve found the ten most popular destinations from Europe, North America, and more, so you can have everything from a short break to a beautiful fall vacation provides customers with the best deals on cheap flights all year round, so we’ve looked at the numbers and found our customers’ favorite routes for November. Here we go!


View of London Docklands with the Thames River, downtown, cucumber and city center. Real estate buildings suburbsA different view of London. You can see the Docklands with the Thames River, downtown cityscape — Shutterstock

It’s city break season across Europe as people try to get in one last long weekend before the cold weather really starts to hit.

Currently, our most popular destination in Europe is London. The pull of the UK is still as strong as ever, and in the run up to Christmas, maybe people are heading over to do a spot of shopping, to see family and friends, or simply to visit a great city.

With November events in London including firework displays for Guy Fawkes’ Night, the London Jazz Festival, and the start of self-guided walks around the Harry Potter Studios in the snow running until January, there’s a lot to see and do if you’re not just there for the shops!

Shopping is also a big deal in Milan, with Italy’s fashion capital our second most-booked destination. Walk the center and find that winter coat you’ve always wanted, or simply sit in a steamy coffee shop with a hot drink and watch the beautiful people go by, before treating yourself to some of Italy’s finest cuisine. Even by Italian standards, Milan does fine living incredibly well.

A lesser-traveled destination, but one that’s really become popular over the last few years with cheap flights from dozens of major cities is Kyiv. Not even ten years after the Maidan Revolution, Kyiv is reveling in its European involvement and is one of the continent’s most exciting, vibrant youthful cities. With the winter snowfalls approaching, romantic evenings ice-skating outdoors under fairy lights is a beautiful way to spend a weekend.

North America

The Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign is a Las Vegas landmarkThe Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign is a famous landmark — Shutterstock

Mexico City is the most popular destination for travelers across North America right now: it’s both a destination that almost always promises at least some sun, and the Day of the Dead celebrations on November 2 attract visitors not only from Mexico but across the world.

The third Monday in November is also Revolution Day, commemorating the overthrow of dictator José de la Cruz Porfirio Díaz Mori. It’s a day of songs, parades, bazaars, and general celebration; basically, if you’re after great times in Mexico City, November is the month to be here!

Wild times are the order of the day, all day, every day in Las Vegas, our second most-booked destination for November. It has pleasant weather during the day, not the searing desert heat of high summer, and is also Sin City’s quietest month for hotel bookings. Okay, some people plan trips for Thanksgiving weekend, but all in all, it’s one of the slowest periods of the year, meaning cheaper flights, more accommodation options, and generally less insanity than usual!

However, one destination that comes into its own at this time of year is Cancún, our third pick for November. Already a popular resort all year round, events such as Cancún Music Week (15 — 22) bring party people together for one last end-of-year blow-out. With direct flights from cities across the US and Caribbean, it’s no wonder it’s so high on our list.

South America

Catedral de Lima and Plaza de Armas are famous landmarks in Lima, PeruCatedral de Lima and Plaza de Armas are famous landmarks in Lima, Peru — Shutterstock

Our South American list begins with Bogotá, the capital of Colombia. Take a jacket, as the wind from the surrounding mountains, can make November chilly, but you’ll get a warm welcome regardless. Head to La Candelaria, the cobbled historic downtown which is also the cultural heart of the city, and the place in which most visitors will find themselves. The wonderful Parque Metropolitano Simón Bolívar is the city’s green lung, with trees, paths, and a huge lake attracting visitors all year round.

Lima, another capital city (Peru this time) is our second booking tip in South America. A grand city, it’s also old by South American standards. Once a colonial capital, it’s home to the oldest continuously functioning university in the Americas, and around a third of the entire population of Peru!

Lima Centro, the historic center; Miraflores, more modern and buzzing with hotels, cafes, bars, and most of the tourists; and Barranco, the vibrant artists’ quarter; these are the main points of interest for first-time visitors, but it’s a city that has something for everyone, with a buzz virtually unrivaled anywhere on the continent.


Happy tourist girl walking near fountains in Dubai cityThe weather in Dubai is nice and sunny all year — Shutterstock

The hub of many Asian routes (and by far our most-booked destination in the region at this time of year) is Istanbul. The European-Asian megacity on the shores of the Bosphorous has attracted travelers from all points of the compass for centuries; traders, sailors, explorers, missionaries, artists, lost souls, or those that intent on finding something new either for or about themselves.

Today is no different, as religion, language, culture, food, music, art, and football club allegiance are all brought together to create one of the most diverse cities on earth. The Istanbul Marathon on November 7 will attract more nationalities than ever, while the timeless sights of the Hagia Sofia and the Grand Bazaar are stunning whatever the month of the year.

Dubai is also a year-round destination, and one of the most popular winter sun routes on Whether you’re looking to laze on the beach, hit one of the mega-malls, have a theme-park-heavy family vacation, or venture into the desert for a couple of nights under the stars, Dubai offers all of these choices and more.

Those are our — and our customers’! — top picks for November travel across Remember, you can search, customize and build your own travel itinerary on, and book your whole trip for one price, in a couple of clicks. We hack the system, you fly for less this November.

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