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The global coronavirus outbreak forces many travelers to change or cancel flights

The recent outbreak of coronavirus causing COVID-19 has disrupted the plans of many travelers all around the world. Governments across the globe have been imposing lockdowns, bans, and restrictions alongside strong recommendations to postpone or change travel.

For the travel industry, the current situation is unprecedented. Airlines and online travel agencies, including, have been working around the clock to find ways to help each and every customer get home safely.

Recognizing the magnitude of the COVID-19 outbreak, has been implementing measures to assist customers who have been affected by cancellations and changes. Updated information on these measures is available on the website and mobile app.

Flight status might be affected by coronavirus

When making a journey with, it is important always to check the current flight status and flight details, especially when combining carriers, which do not normally cooperate with each other.

If not sure whether it is safe to travel in case of emergency such as the current outbreak, we have put together general information about traveling and the coronavirus.

Airlines and carriers introduce own restrictions and changes to flight schedules

Thanks to our unique business model, has the world’s largest database of carriers, including ground transportation. Each of these carriers, such as airlines, might introduce their own measures causing changes in schedules, check-in and boarding procedures, or bookings.

Our website contains a list of airlines that have implemented measures as a result of the coronavirus outbreak.

Will travel restrictions lead to flight cancellations and changes?

The list of countries with restrictions is changing every day. Many are closing their borders to international visitors. For this reason, too, a growing number of travelers have been affected by the evolving situation within the travel industry. intently monitors the situation as it unfolds. We’ve made available a list of countries with travel restrictions, which apply to domestic and international flights. We continuously update this list so customers worldwide can stay informed 24/7 about the new measures potentially affecting their plans.

As of now, European governments have imposed regulations on travel within Europe. We have created an information sheet specifically to advise on EU and Schengen travel restrictions and bans, and it is now available on our website.

Restrictions are in place to limit transoceanic trips as well. These are affecting customers underway between the United States and Europe. We have published additional guidelines about the US travel restrictions as a response to coronavirus on our website. regularly updates on the progress of the situation and the effect on travelers. The Help section on the website provides additional information about the impact of the coronavirus on our customers and instructions on how to cancel a flight and request a refund.

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