Ukraine conflict: Our support for those affected

Ukraine conflict: Our support for those affected news


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Here are the first steps we’re taking to assist people where we can.

We, like you, have been watching the unfolding crisis in Ukraine with a mixture of sadness, horror and disbelief. We condemn the actions of Russia and their invasion of another sovereign nation.

These events have impacted us deeply. Many of our colleagues are personally affected, so this is not just an international tragedy, but a personal one as well.

Our first priority must be to provide help and support to those who need it, both in our own community and internationally, regardless of their location or nationality.

Words are important, but need to be backed up with actions. We know we need to act quickly to offer as much help as we can: the number of people leaving Ukraine is increasing by the hour, so we have to be in a position to aid everyone affected.

We’ve already volunteered our office space in Brno (our Head Office), Czech Republic, to act as a school for children escaping the conflict. From this same office, a number of our employees volunteered to drive to the Ukrainian borders to help with the evacuation process. We’re also collecting donations from across the company and matching those generous contributions.

We’re providing refunds to customers who had flights into and/or out of Ukraine, prior to any refunds being received from the airlines.

Naturally, we’re also giving our colleagues and partners as much support as possible, including finance, transportation and accommodation.

While this situation continues, we will continue to find ways and means to support those in need. Both — as a company and as individuals — know that this is only the start of what we can offer, and that there is so much more we can, and will, do.

Our thoughts remain with those affected.

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