united pilot lost engagement ring

United pilot flies across US to hand-deliver lost engagement ring

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“I have a newfound faith in humanity and airlines,” says the fortunate woman whose ring had disappeared

A United Airlines pilot really went the extra mile when he hand-delivered a lost engagement ring to a passenger from New Jersey to San Francisco.

Brit Moran, the fortunate traveller that had lost her ring and also the founder and CEO of lifestyle website Brit + Co, described the act of kindness in a tweet on Monday.

“I lost my wedding/engagement rings last week somewhere between New York and Jackson Hole. A @United gate agent found it, put it in a safe, and then gave it to a pilot to HAND DELIVER it back to me in SF. I have a newfound faith in humanity and airlines,” Morin said in her tweet.

“Thanks United,” she added.  

The captain of the United flight, Jim Moorey, put the ring into a blue mesh bag and added a handwritten note saying: “So happy I was able to return this ring to you. From day to day, I take pride in getting passengers from point A to point B safely and on time.”

“Today I’m happy to be part of a team focused on making just one individual happy (you!). Congratulations on your engagement” From all of us at United Airlines.”

“P.S. It was bumpy today lol…” the captain added.

Moran’s tweet quickly received a lot of attention with other users commenting on her experience. Some people even thought that it may have been a PR stunt created by an airline that has suffered a lot of negative publicity recently.

“How do we know you aren’t a creation of United’s (struggling) PR firm?” asked Twitter user Jimbolitical.

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