US and UK could establish coronavirus-free travel corridor

US and UK could establish coronavirus-free travel corridor

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Flights between New York and London could resume by Thanksgiving

According to authorities in the United States and the United Kingdom, the two countries hope to open a travel corridor within the next few weeks. There are talks of having a system for travelers in place by Thanksgiving.

The US and the UK discussed the possibility of opening a safe passageway earlier this year. Both Thanksgiving on 26 November and Christmas in late December are popular holidays and see travelers taking advantage of the extra time off work and visiting family and friends. The discussions of the safe corridor resume as both holidays draw closer.

People traveling between each country’s territory will need to undergo mandatory testing

For months now, American citizens are unable to travel to most European Union countries due to the global pandemic. While traveling to Britain, they are expected to complete a two-week compulsory quarantine.

EU and UK citizens are currently banned from entering the United States’ territory unless they are US citizens or have a permanent residence there.

The passageway would allow travelers to avoid a lengthy quarantine by having a COVID-19 test done before the departure of their flight and again upon arrival. The test would be compulsory and likely to be covered by the passengers themselves.

On 1 October, Tampa airport in Florida started offering voluntary COVID-19 tests to passengers who wished to have one done. The airport became the first in the United States to sell coronavirus tests.

Travelers can opt for an antigen test for the price of $57 (£44), promising an 88 percent accuracy of the result within 15 minutes, or a PCR test which promises a 95 percent accuracy within 48 hours and costs $125 (£96).

The New York–London route could be a step forward for the travel industry

Establishing a coronavirus-free air connection between the United States and the United Kingdom could prove beneficial for airlines. The New York–London route is the most profitable one in the world — securing for British Airways over $1bn per year in revenue. 

Similar corridors could be a step forward in keeping struggling airlines and the travel industry afloat. Discussions have also been held between the US and Germany with no specifics announced as of yet.

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