Vegas airport opens a marriage kiosk for Valentine’s Day

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“It saved us a lot of time so we can go gamble,” said a newly licensed bride

Getting married during a layover or while waiting for your bags to come? Anything’s possible in Las Vegas.

Passengers arriving at McCarran airport can now apply for a marriage license at a temporary kiosk at the baggage carousel set by the Clark County Marriage License Bureau, the authority that administers Sin City’s weddings. The kiosk will be open until February 17.

Being the world’s wedding capital, Clark County issues nearly 80,000 marriage licenses a year on average. As the rate of marriage licenses doubles for Valentine’s Day, the bureau has decided to make the popular ceremony more accessible.

“We issue more licenses in the days leading up to Valentine’s Day than we do throughout the year…With Valentine’s Day being on a Wednesday this year, we’re not expecting it to be as big as it has in other years,” said marriage services supervisor for the County, Paula Cook.

Despite lower expectation, almost 200 licenses have been issued so far.

Christie Estrada and Hector Castaneda from Bishop, Texas, appreciated the opportunity to get their marriage certificate right after getting off their flight.

After having some fun in Vegas, they are planning to finalise their marriage in a chapel with 12 family members.

“We were just walking, we were going to get a taxi and we saw the sign. It saved us a lot of time so we can go gamble,” Castaneda said.

“We had a very interesting couple that came from Texas that were on an eleven-hour layover and they said ‘Oh, we’re just here to go zip lining and we’re going to get married while we’re here,’ so that was kind of cool,” Cook said.

Canadian couple Al and Gail Murphy were also among the customers that have taken advantage of the office.

“It was super convenient to have this set up here, the marriage license bureau,” said Gail,

“And I love the envelope,” she said. “We’re all set up. We just have to go have fun and show up on the day.”

The kiosk will be open until February 17.