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Week in travel: Airbnb offers overnight stay in Louvre

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94% of Ryanair flights arrive on time, while British Airways receives first ever autism-friendly award, and Lithuanian passenger flies alone on a commercial plane

If you ever dreamt of having a drink with Mona Lisa or dinner with the Venus de Milo, now it’s your chance.

For the occasion of the 30-year anniversary of the glass pyramid of Louvre, Airbnb has teamed up with the most famous museum in the world. Together they will arrange a special overnight stay at Musée du Louvre.

The accommodation rental platform will choose a lucky winner from the participants in a new contest to discover the museum like never before.

“Through this partnership, we are giving a winner and their guest the opportunity to sleep beneath the Pyramid, for one night only,” Airbnb said in a statement.

“But the magic doesn’t stop there. In addition to this unforgettable night, a series of exclusive visits and intimate gigs will be bookable on Airbnb.”

Apart from sipping an aperitif in a sumptuous living room decorated by the world’s most famous paintings, and dining in the presence of an iconic statue, a VIP guide will take the lucky contestants on a unique tour. And an acoustic concert will wait for them in Napoleon III’s opulent apartments as well.

Anyone interested in this unprecedented experience can apply until 12 April.

British Airways becomes the first airline to receive the Autism Friendly Award

For the occasion of World Autism Awareness Day celebration on 2 April, British Airways became the first airline to be awarded the renowned Autism Friendly Award.

British Airways has been working closely with a number of specialist charities — Bychykhin Olexandr / ShutterstockBritish Airways has been working closely with a number of specialist charities — Bychykhin Olexandr / Shutterstock

According to the carrier’s statement, BA has been “recognised for the work it is doing to raise awareness of autism among its staff and for creating a personalised, seamless travel experience for autistic customers, allowing them to fly independently and with ease.”

Recently, the airline has been working closely with a number of specialist charities. The list includes the National Autistic Society which accredited the award. Thanks to the cooperation, BA has implemented numerous enhancements to improve the experience for all customers requiring additional assistance.

Carolina Martinoli, British Airways’ director of brand and customer experience, said: “We welcome nearly half a million customers who require special assistance each year and we’ll be prioritising further improvements for these customers throughout our centenary year.

“We understand that our customers with autism often find new environments stressful and overwhelming. That’s why we’re creating a step-by-step guide of the British Airways journey experience, which I’m looking forward to sharing with customers very soon.”

Lithuanian man flies alone on a commercial plane

An unusual trip awaited Skirmantas Strimaitis from Lithuania when he headed for his skiing holiday in Northern Italy on 16 March.

When he was boarding his flight from Vilnius to Bergamo, he realised that he was the only passenger in the queue. Only two pilots and five crew members were his company.

The plane, which can seat up to 188 passengers, was reportedly sent to pick up a group of travellers from Italy. While the aircraft had to be transferred to Bergamo, one-way tickets were available for sale and Strimaitis was the only person to buy one.  

Strimaitis told the Associated Press that the flight was “a once in a lifetime experience”.

Ryanair flies on time in 94 per cent of cases

Europe’s largest low-cost carrier — Ryanair —  has improved its punctuality.

In March alone, more than 94 per cent of its flights managed to arrive at their target destination on time. According to the carrier’s official statement, the results are the best since November 2017. It is also a one per cent increase in comparison to February.

 Ryanair has improved its punctuality — Rebius / Shutterstock Airbnb offers overnight stay in LouvreRyanair has improved its punctuality — Rebius / Shutterstock

Four per cent of flight delays were reportedly affected or caused by the airport traffic control staff shortages.

“Ryanair carried more than 10.9 million customers in March with over 94 per cent of our 59,800 flights arriving on-time. We continue to deliver industry-leading punctuality, despite continued ATC staff shortages in France, Germany, and the UK,” said Ryanair’s Kenny Jacobs.

Poland opens the world’s deepest pool

Diving enthusiasts can look forward to enjoying a new deepest pool in the world. Starting from autumn this year, a 45-metre-deep facility will welcome its first visitors in the Polish town of Mszczonów.

Being called the DeepSpot, the pool will contain no less than 8,000 cubic metres of water. That is 27 times more water than an ordinary 25-meter pool has.

The pool will reportedly open to all levels of swimmers — from beginners to seasoned swimmers and professional divers. However, the deepest part of the facility will require specialised diving gear and equipment.

With an impressive underwater tunnel, the DeepStop will also provide a great view for spectators.

The DeepStop will beat the current record holder — the Y-40 The Deep Joy diving pool in the Italian city of Montegrotto Terme — by three metres.  

However, the new record won’t last for too long. A 50m-deep pool called the Blue Abyss will open in six months in Colchester, UK.

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