Week in travel: British Airways to board passengers according to fares

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25 November 2017

By | 25 November 2017

New Hyperloops to speed up travels in Australia and India, volcano in Bali finally erupts and the world’s best cities for expats are revealed

This week has been full of travel affecting events so let’s take a look at the most important ones.

Surprise as the best and worst cities for expats in 2017 revealed

Bahrain's capital Manama was chosen the best city for expats —  P.V.R.M / Shutterstock British Airways, volcano, fareBahrain’s capital Manama was chosen the best city for expats — P.V.R.M / Shutterstock

Millions of people work and live in foreign lands. But the conditions in every city vary significantly. To compare the quality of life in different countries, Internations created the Expat Insider 2017; a list of places which are the most and the least welcoming to foreigners.

The team surveyed 7,985 expats living in 40 countries and selected a surprising winner – Manama, the capital of Bahrain.

“Manama makes it easy for expats to get settled: an impressive 92% of respondents agree that living there without speaking Arabic is not hard,” the report says.

The second and third places belong to European capitals Prague and Madrid while Jeddah, Lagos and Paris were voted to be the worst.

“Prague shines in regard to work, making it into the top 10 for every subcategory of the Urban Work Life Index and Madrid may not be the place to go for your career but delights with excellent leisure options and great weather.”

“Expats in Lagos and Jeddah are unhappy with their work life and the local quality of living, while expats in Paris have a hard time getting settled.”

British Airways launch a new boarding procedure according to fare

British Airways passengers will board flights according to their fares —  Nieuwland Photography / Shutterstock fare volcanoBritish Airways passengers will board flights according to their fares — Nieuwland Photography / Shutterstock

Budget travellers should prepare to spend more time at the gate before boarding a flight.

Due to a new procedure, the boarding time of British Airways flights will depend on the passenger’s fare. Those with the cheapest tickets on European flights will have to wait until holders of more expensive fares are all boarded.

“Next month we are looking at introducing new boarding procedures to further improve the customer journey by creating a number of groups to speed up the process,” A spokesperson for British Airways said.

“This method has been used by airlines around the world for a number of years, including by our partners American Airlines, Iberia and Qatar.”

Passengers will receive a group number after check-in. “This number will then be displayed prominently on the boarding pass, printed or mobile,” says British Airways in an internal newsletter.

Not everybody is happy with the new system as passengers have raised their complaints.

One of BA frequent flyers told the Independent: “In a society which we’re trying to make more equal, British Airways is doing the opposite.”

“It’s very Kardashian, being ostentatious about wealth and status. Everyone will know how much money you’ve got based on where you are in the line.”

Bali volcano finally erupted after a month of rumbling

Bali's Mount Agung finally erupted after a month of evacuations — Shutterstock British airways, fareBali’s Mount Agung finally erupted after a month of evacuations — Shutterstock

The volcano causing alarm since October has finally erupted. Mount Agung on the Indonesian island Bali finally belched smoke 700m above its summit on Tuesday evening.

A spokesperson for the national disaster agency said the volcano went through phreatic eruptions, which happen when water beneath the ground or on the surface gets heated by magma.

More than 140,000 locals left their homes in recent months and many of those who had returned back had to leave their homes again and stay overnight in village temples and halls to get to a safe distance from the volcano.

Luckily for travellers, Bali’s Denpasar airport is still open, and no flights in and out of the island have been affected so far.

Forbes selects Montreal as best budget destination for Americans

With the strong French influence, Montreal is an affordable European fix for Americans — Shutterstock British Airways, volcano, fareWith a strong French influence, Montreal is an affordable European fix for Americans — Shutterstock

With the French touch and a currently promising exchange rate between the American and Canadian dollar, the city of Montreal is now the top place for travellers with a lower budget.

A team of travel experts, such as TV host Samantha Brown, was asked by Forbes to choose the best budget-friendly destinations and the capital of Quebec came out on top of the list of 28 cities.

According to the jury, the strong French influence makes Montreal a “European fix without the long and expensive flight.”

Apart from Montreal, the experts also recommend Xian that “is easy to get around by foot and it’s smaller population (13 million) makes it a pleasant city to be in”.

Third place belongs to Houston as “one of the most exciting food scenes in the country with restaurants owned by three James Beard Award winners.”

New Hyperloops to reduce travel time in India and Australia

The supersonic tube might connect Mumbai with Prune and Sydney with Brisbane — ShutterstockThe supersonic tube might soon connect Mumbai with Prune and Sydney with Brisbane — Shutterstock

The journey between Mumbai and Pune will be cut from three hours to 15 minutes and travelling from Brisbane to Sydney possible in less than an hour.

Two new Hyperloop projects have been announced this week in two different countries and they both aim to make travelling long distances a matter of minutes.

Ultraspeed Australia seeks to instal a route from Sydney via Tamworth and Toowoomba to Brisbane and, according to a Mumbai Mirror report, the Pune Metropolitan Region Development Authority has signed a memorandum with a Los Angeles based company Hyperloop One to create a route from Pune to Mumbai.

“It can be designed as a commuter solution as well as a long-distance route,’’ Ultraspeed Australia ‘s director Steve Artis told The Courier Mail.

The ultrasonic transport system will carry passengers in pods via electro-magnetic propulsion through a low-pressure tube with the speed of more than 1000 kph.