Week in travel: TripAdvisor acts to fight sexual abuse

Week in travel: TripAdvisor acts to fight sexual abuse

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Trump increases restrictions on travel to Cuba, United’s Jumbo Jet’s final flight and TripAdvisor mark hotels with reported sexual assaults. Would you like to know more?  

Traveling has become a little more limited over the past week. Donald Trump has increased restrictions on travel to Cuba and with allegations of sexual abuse appearing on their forums, TripAdvisor have decided to take action.

TripAdvisor to mark hotels where sexual assaults reported

TripAdvisor will stick red badges to profiles of hotels with reported sexual assault incidents — Nadir Keklik / Shutterstock trum assault veniceTripAdvisor will add red badges to the profiles of hotels with reported sexual assault incidents — Nadir Keklik / Shutterstock

There are new reports of sexual assaults every day. Starting with massive allegations in the celebrity world against Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, and many others, it has quickly raised awareness of the daily struggle against harassment.

To help in this fight, travel and hotel recommendations forum TripAdvisor has started to mark all hotels that have had sexual assaults reported with a distinctive red badge added to their profiles.

The website is responding to allegations that it deleted posts which described serious crimes against tourists in Mexico. An investigation by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel found they had removed comments, from numerous accounts, that described robbery, rape, and sexual assaults, as well as drugs and alcohol abuse.

“These badges will remain on TripAdvisor for up to 3 months; however, if the issues persist we may extend the duration of the badge. These badges are intended to be informative, not punitive,” a TripAdvisor spokesperson said on CBS.

Trump tightens Cuba embargo making travelling for Americans even harder

Trump administration tightened Cuban restriction — Evan El-Amin / Shutterstock trump assault veniceThe Trump administration has tightened Cuban restriction — Evan El-Amin / Shutterstock

The president of the United States has decided to make the life of people visiting Cuba even more complicated.

In a series of new restrictions, aimed at punishing the communist government in Havana, the Trump administration has tightened the economic embargo. The new rules ban Americans from access to businesses, stores and hotels tied to the Cuban military.

American citizens wishing to visit the island will have to go through authorised tour operators, as they had to before Obama relaxed the system. The tour guides will have to accompany the groups, which will lead to increase in expenses.

The new rules apply only to future travel and commerce. According to the administration, travellers who had booked and paid for their trip before Thursday will be allowed to travel and make transactions with businesses on the blacklist.

Venice to ban large cruise ships from entering Grand Canal

Large cruise ships will have to leave the Grand Canal in Venice — Solarisys / ShutterstockLarge cruise ships will have to leave the Grand Canal in Venice — Solarisys / Shutterstock

Boisterous parties on enormous boats will soon have to leave the romantic place of the Venetian Grand Canal. Local citizens have had enough, and the government of Venice has decided to ban large cruise ships from the city’s historical centre.  

A new plan will divert the ships away from the World Heritage city. Instead, they will be forced to dock in the industrial port of Marghera on the mainland. That’s far from the romance of sailing down the Grand Canal.

However, the government is aware of Venetian’s dependency on tourism, and they aim to strike a compromise with cruise agencies that will create a significant number of jobs.

“After years of study, we have found a viable solution for a sustainable route through the lagoon, without penalizing the tourism industry, which is so important for Venice,” transport minister Graziano Delrio said.

“We want it to be clear to Unesco (the UN’s cultural heritage body) and the whole world that we have a solution,” said the Luigi Brugnaro, the mayor of Venice.

Tears fall on final flight of United jumbo

United's last Boeing 747 had it's last flight ever  — Vytautas Kielaitis / ShutterstockUnited’s last Boeing 747 had it’s last flight ever — Vytautas Kielaitis / Shutterstock

Tuesday was a sad day for United Airlines. The last Boeing 747 in their fleet had its final scheduled flight, and those with tickets to fly considered it one big party.

United’s last jumbo jet received a proper farewell. In September, the carrier promised that the last scheduled flight of the 747, under the symbolic number 747, would be one to remember. And they didn’t lie.

On the route from San Francisco to Honolulu, the pilots made a fly-by of downtown and the Golden Gate Bridge to give the passengers an unforgettable view. And one passenger even proposed to his girlfriend on board.

Just before takeoff, United CEO Oscar Munoz said from the jet’s upper deck: “It’s a grand finale, no question. It’s a fitting send-off in the most dignified way for the Queen of the Skies.”

And finally… It will soon be possible to have an actual breakfast at Tiffany’s

Soon Tiffany will serve actual breakfast  — Jonathan Weiss / Shutterstock trump assault veniceSoon Tiffany will serve actual breakfast — Jonathan Weiss / Shutterstock

“I want to still be me when I wake up one fine morning and have breakfast at Tiffany´s,”  Holly Golightly says in Truman Capote’s most recognised novel.

From next Friday, the quote of the slightly confused main character will become a reality. The New York‘s luxurious jewellery, that gained its world’s reputation both from the book and thanks to the outstanding performance of Audrey Hepburn in the film adaptation, will open its own restaurant. In The Blue Box Café, they plan to serve an actual breakfast.

A mix of croissant with Nutella, honey butter, seasonal fruit and berries, truffle eggs, with a choice of smoked salmon & bagel stack, buttermilk waffle or even vegan avocado toast will cost around $29.

“Both the café and redesign of the Home & Accessories floor reflect a modern luxury experience,” said Tiffany’s chief artistic officer, Reed Krakoff. “The space is experimental and experiential – a window into the new Tiffany.”

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