#WhatOnEarth round 5: Live your dream and get a travel voucher

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Another two weeks have passed and our Instagram contest #WhatOnEarth has some more lucky owners of Kiwi.com travel vouchers

Travelling can be a rewarding adventure. Pushing your limits, pumping up the adrenaline and overcoming your comfort zone can give you the best feeling ever.

And that’s exactly what the new lucky winner of our travel photo contest Dagmar alias @dagmarbrzeczyszczykiewicz experienced after climbing Slovenian Alps.

“Omg, I’m so happy guys!” she reacted when we told her about her winning entry.



We have a winner in Round 5 of our #WhatOnEarth photo contest, and it’s @dagmarbrzeczyszczykiewicz! Our judge for this round, Quality Specialist Puput Cibro, reckons “this is just taking tranquillity to the next level”. Dagmar herself tells us that “this was after a week of trekking through the mountains of Slovenia with 20kg on my back. It was exhausting, but I got this wonderful view.” Well, you’ve also got a €200 travel voucher. Well done! #trekking #mountains #slovenia #triglav #zen #photocontest #giveaway #competition We’d love you to submit your bizarre and beautiful travel photos to our WhatOnEarth Instagram contest. Just follow @kiwicom247 and caption your photo with “Here’s my photo for the #WhatOnEarth #contest from @kiwicom247. Every two weeks you can win a €200 #travel voucher!” Click the link in the bio for Terms & Conditions.

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“I was trekking in the Slovenian mountains and it was pretty exhausting after one week with a 20kg bag on my shoulders,” she explained.
“But then we were on Triglav and I have seen this wonderful view. Priceless!” 
Dagmar has her plans how to use her €200 voucher settled: “My next dream destination is definitely Kathmandu with mountain trekking in the Himalayas.” 
The Judge for the fifth round was Kiwi.com’s Quality Specialist Puput Anggraini Cibro.
“This is… tranquility to the next level, I would say. It seems like the sky is just the beginning of the limit,” Puput said when she picked this photo. 
The runner-up for the fifth round was @wanna_lala and she will get a €50 voucher for her entry.
To enter #WhatOnEarth, just follow @kiwicom247 on Instagram, and post a picture with the caption: “Here’s my photo for the #WhatOnEarth #contest from @kiwicom247. Every two weeks you can win a €200 #travel voucher!” More information can be found here.
As usual, we would like to show the world other amazing pictures we received during this round that caught our attention but didn’t win.

@mallorybrickell calls herself an outdoor girl, travel enthusiast and mountain lover. She took this photo in Colorado

“Me and my fellow campers were hiking around Twin Lakes, when we came around a corner to the most beautiful view of the water, mountains and the changing leaves framed by these two random trees,” Mallory said. 

“It was too perfect not to be a part of it.”

"It was too perfect not to be a part of it." explained why she jumped into the lake — /Instagram dream“It was too perfect not to be a part of it,” Mallory explained why she jumped into the lake — @mallorybrickell /Instagram

@strajky met this magnificent creature while swimming in the Red Sea in Egypt.

The only strictly-marine herbivorous mammal is called a dugong and weighs around 300 kilograms.

Strajky called the swimming around the dugong a “super experience”.

The dugong strajky met in the Red Sea was around 300 kilograms  — /Instagram dreamThe dugong Strajky met in the Red Sea weighed around 300 kilograms — @strajky /Instagram

And we are just glad that @polik89 who was featured in our last article, survived his encounter with a wild buffalo and that his travels through North America continue happily.

“There is no better feeling than seeing the USA behind the handlebars of Harley and driving on the mother of roads – ROUTE 66,” Polik said.

“For most of motorcyclists, this is only a dream … And I was living that dream.”

Driving through the USA on a Harley is the dream polik89 is living — /InstagramDriving through the USA on a Harley is the dream polik89 is living — Polik89/Instagram

Visit #WhatOnEarth to see winners and runners-up from each round and to read the full terms and conditions.

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