What’s the best way to book cheap multi-city flights?

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Nomad from Kiwi.com is the best multi-city flight search engine around, giving you cheap, flexible travel with options to suit you

Kiwi.com’s Nomad search is the cheapest way to book a multi-city trip. But what does that mean? Well, a multi-city trip is one that combines a number of one-way flights to create an itinerary visiting two or more places.

Normally, that would mean constantly checking prices on hundreds of routes with dozens of carriers yourself — search tabs open, uncertain dates, and so much other information that it just becomes too stressful. With Nomad, all you do is choose your destination cities and date range, and Nomad instantly calculates the cheapest route available. It really is that simple, and it makes Kiwi.com the best site to book multi-city flights.

How to book a multi-city trip in Europe

Choose your destinations


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We’ll begin in the Czech Republic (it’s Kiwi.com’s home, after all!), starting our Nomad trip any time in May, and visiting Berlin, Amsterdam, Milan and Paris, before returning to Prague. We’ve specified an overnight stop of one or two nights in each city, so we can get a bit of a feel for each place. Okay? Go Nomad!

Get your itinerary

Summer party by the river at night in Berlin — ShutterstockOur example route will take you — among other places — to Berlin, for three days and three nights of sightseeing and partying — Shutterstock

In a few seconds, we have our itinerary. Leaving Prague on May 27, we fly to Amsterdam. Arriving later that morning, we spend all of Saturday in the Dutch capital, before flying to Berlin where Nomad has given us three nights to see what we can see.

Early evening on Wednesday, May 31 sees a flight to Paris, giving us a day in the City of Lights before heading to Milan. Arriving mid-afternoon, we have three nights in Milan to see the city and its surroundings, before returning to Prague early on the morning of June 4. That’s a tour of some of Europe’s greatest cities in just seven days.

How much does this multi-city trip cost?

Well, that’s five flights in a short period of time with four different airlines…



Depending on variants, that trip can actually cost as little as €134, but the flight times are not quite as accommodating, so that’s a pretty extreme example. Possible, sure, but the trip described above gives you more time to see and do a few things in each city.

So on that note, let’s take things a little easier; let’s give ourselves two weeks, and on a different continent. 14 days, North America.

More inspiration: a multi-city trip in North America

See popular destinations


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Let’s take some well-known North American cities: New York City, Boston, Atlanta, Toronto, Chicago, and Washington, DC. A one to four-night stay in each, starting and ending the trip in New York, anytime in April. Go Nomad!

Get your North American itinerary

Acorn Street in Boston in the late afternoon — ShutterstockAcorn Street in Boston, the historical heart of Massachusetts — Shutterstock

From New York, we take a 10:40 flight on April 12 to Toronto with Canadian low-cost airline Flair. After three nights there, it’s a lunchtime flight with Porter to D.C. and a stay of four nights, using the days to explore the capital, its museums and its monuments. South to Georgia next, with a two-hour Frontier flight to Atlanta, and after two nights there, we head to the midwest — Chicago — with Frontier again. Tuesday, April 25 brings a JetBlue flight to Boston, and we’ve got four nights to explore beautiful Massachusetts before returning to NYC.

How much does a multi-city trip in North America cost?

Six flights with four airlines over two weeks? $318. Pretty tasty, I think you’ll agree! What’s more, you can book all your flights in one click, for one price, because that’s how Kiwi.com works! This itinerary also includes one of our smart little travel hacks: a Hidden cities ticket.

The Hidden Cities travel hack

How can you save money on popular routes?

Some flights in Europe, but particularly in North America, tend to be sold at higher prices when they’re actually part of a longer trip. Many flights from Washington, D.C. to Chicago, for example, are actually part of longer itineraries that continue to Cincinnati, but buying the entire D.C. to Cincinnati trip (hidden by the airline if you search for flights to Chicago on their website) actually costs less than the leg to Chicago on its own. Kiwi.com can pick out and sell you the cheaper Cincinnati flight, and you simply disembark in Chicago rather than completing the trip. In summary, Kiwi.com saves you money with a little trick you won’t see anywhere else!

So there you have it. With Kiwi.com and Nomad, you can create your own personalized trip, all available for one great price and in one click. Check it out for yourself!

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