Where next? You decide!

Where next? You decide!

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Kiwi.com’s newest social media campaign means that you can choose how to build the world’s most amazing holiday as well as win up to 250 € vouchers!

Imagine you could build your perfect holiday: what would you do? Spend days at the beach and nights out clubbing? Try amazing food, visit famous museums and see the sights? Explore by boat, balloon, bus, and bike? Or even better, combine everything into the most spectacular trip possible!

Well, that’s what Kiwi.com is doing with its Where Next? interactive social media game. Every Monday @kiwicom274 on Instagram Stories, you’ll get the chance to pick a city you’d love to visit, then each day that week we’ll take a deep dive into that city, with your votes deciding what our next move should be, what you think we ought to do, and what you’d love to see.


Every Friday, we’d like you to tell us your best tip for spending time in that destination. It could be a hidden secret, an amazing view, a great coffee shop, a local sweet treat, a tip from a local… whatever you think people should know, make sure you comment. The tip with the most votes at the end of each week wins a voucher up to 250 €!

Week 1: Athens vs Barcelona

Where next? You decide!Follow our Instagram @kiwicom247 to decide where we’ll go, what we’ll see, and win a flight voucher — Shutterstock

The first week of our perfect holiday has come to an end and this is what happened so far. In a tight voting battle between Barcelona and Athens, you decided on Barcelona. So that’s where we flew off to for the week. With your help, we managed to see hidden spots of this beautiful city and learn about its history and architecture. The most impressive building was the Palau de la Musica Catalana. Did you know that in all of Europe, this hall is the only one that is entirely illuminated by natural light during the day?


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The Sagrada Familia also took my breath away. It’s been under construction since 1882. When Gaudí died in 1926 only a quarter was completed. The project is in its final stages now. So, mark 2026 in your calendars! You’ll get to see this beauty unveiled.

The architecture in Bairro Gótico was so unique. No wonder, Picasso hung out there all the time. If you want to follow in his footsteps make sure to sip coffee at Els Quatre Gats.

Week 2: London vs Reykjavík

The majestic and powerful Skogafoss Waterfall in the southwest of Iceland between Reykjavík and Výk ý MýrdalThe majestic and powerful Skogafoss Waterfall in the southwest of Iceland between Reykjavík and Výk í Mýrdal — Shutterstock

In week two, the voting was pretty clear — you wanted to see Iceland and so did we! Nicknamed “the place of ice and fire”, we simply had to visit it all in Iceland. And let me tell you, the places we’ve seen, thanks to your suggestions, are out of this world.

In the Þingvellir National Park, you can find the Silfra fissure. There you can snorkel between the American and European tectonic plates. Then we went on a waterfall tour along the ring road towards the south of Iceland. We saw Seljandsfoss, Kvernufoss, and Skogafoss, the latter was just incredibly powerful.

We dipped into the well-hidden but already a bit popular Seljavallalaug Hot Springs and were mesmerized by Fagradalsfjall. How often do you get to see an active volcano so close?


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The Sólheimasandur Airplane Wreck is also worth a visit. Although nobody got injured during the crash landing in 1973, the reasons for it are still a little mystery. It is believed to have been a combination of human error, mechanical failure, lack of fuel, and a storm. Right next to the plane wreck is the popular Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach with its basalt columns. Go up to the Dyrhólaey lighthouse for an amazing view!

At the end of the journey, we saw the 1000-year-old Jokulsárlón Iceberg Beach. Did you know that 100 m of ice break off the glacier every year?

Week 3: Naples vs Budapest

Parliament building in Budapest, Hungary Parliament building in Budapest, Hungary — Shutterstock

The voting must have been rigged. One minute Naples was clearly winning, and the next Budapest took the lead and won. So we ventured out to explore the Hungarian capital with you.

Did you know that London has lost its top spot to Budapest in our very own Kiwi.com bookings? You all seem to love this place. And we can’t blame you. Budapest is an incredibly vibrant city, so full of life, yet so historic too.

Its two main attractions are the Hungarian Parliament and the 375 meters long Chain Bridge. Enjoying the view of and from both is a must.


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Speaking of views, Budapest clearly doesn’t lack them. We hiked 235 m up to Gellért Hill for an amazing view. Then we went out to the Elizabeth Lookout tower for another one. The Fishermen’s Bastion can also compete in the running for best Budapest view. The Rudas Thermal Baths also offer a great panorama.

The coffee place culture is simply amazing. You recommended Goamama, Stika, Szimply, Cube Coffee, Könyvtar Klub. For dinner, you suggested Mazel Tov and Szipla Kert restaurant, and any fish restaurants around the Romai part on the Buda side.

Week 4: Vilnius vs Bucharest

Vilniu's Old Town is a Unesco World Heritage siteVilnius’ Old Town is a Unesco World Heritage site — Shutterstock

In our last week of travel, you chose the great Baltic city, Vilnius over Bucharest. Fair enough!

When visiting somewhere new like Vilnius, we always recommend joining a walking tour because it’s the best and cheapest way to explore and learn more about a city. This is how we found out that the Cathedral Square is the center of the Old Town — the area where the first inhabitants settled, that Vilnius University is the oldest university in the Baltic states, and that Literatų gatvė is a super cool street dedicated to the literary gems of Lithuania.

Right outside the Old Town is the Republic of Užupis, a self-proclaimed separate “country” with its very own constitution. As soon as you cross the “border”, you sense a change in the overall vibe; Užupis is a very artsy, alternative area of Vilnius.

Just like Budapest, Vilnius isn’t short of good viewing points. You can get a grand look at the city skyline from various places in the city — such as the bell tower at St. John’s Church, the Hill of Three Crosses (not to be confused with the Hill of Crosses, which we’ll talk about shortly), Verkiai Regional Park or Gediminas Castle Tower.


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For a quick day trip, you only have to venture 25 minutes away from Vilnius to Trakai Island Castle. The castle sits on a small island in the middle of a lake — it really is one of the most beautiful places in Europe. Trakai town itself is similarly cute and well worth a visit.

Also not too far from Vilnius is Kaunas — Lithuania’s second city. If you want to learn more about the country’s history, you should visit the Ninth Fort memorial site and museum just outside the Old Town. The 32-meter monument is dedicated to the Lithuanian Jews that lost their lives in the Holocaust.

And talking of history, if you ever wanted to see something so different, so unique that it leaves you speechless, the Hill of Crosses — a Unesco World Heritage site — might just be the thing for you. This isn’t just a famous pilgrimage site; it also represents the nation’s history of standing up against the Russian Empire and Soviet rule. Can you believe that there are more than 100,000 crosses on this hill?


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We spent 4 full weeks together. We went on the hunt for the best tapas in Barcelona, saw volcanoes erupt in Iceland, had some fun in Budapest’s ruin bars, and tried to find the best viewing point in all of Vilnius! The last month has been a blast and we hope to do it again soon!

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