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Spot the eight clues in our nine travel hack videos to be in with a chance of winning this amazing prize

This spring, is giving away €1,000/£900 in flights to the most eagle-eyed travel lover out there. All you have to do is watch a few short videos describing our revolutionary travel hacks, and it might be you!

How to enter

Head to our travel hacks page, where you’ll find nine videos describing how’s travel hacks can save you time and money when you travel. Watch each video closely and you’ll see that eight of them contain ‘Easter eggs’ — little clues that represent some of our most popular destinations. All you have to do is tell us what they are and which countries they refer to.

This competition is running in four countries. Depending on where you are, click a link to our travel hacks page to get started:

What to look out for

Person holding up small Portuguese rooster ornament against river backdrop in Lisbon — Getty ImagesFind eight symbols for eight countries — Getty Images

These hidden Easter eggs could be anything. A small model of the Sydney Opera House? Aha — Australia! A t-shirt with a maple leaf on it? Canada! (Spoiler: these aren’t two of the answers!) Keep your eyes open and spot them all; some are obvious, and some… not so much.

When you think you’ve found all eight, fill in the form at, telling us what you saw and the countries you think they each refer to, and one of the correct entries will win that fabulous €1,000/£900 flight prize.

What are’s travel hacks? @iz &lt3 knows our hacks too well😃✨ #traveltiktok #cheaptravel #travelhack #hacksoflife #travelwithkiwicom ♬ Bright – Official Sound Studio

The easiest way to find out is to watch the videos for yourself! As well as finding the Easter eggs, you’ll discover how creates routes that other sites can’t see using self-transfer, builds the cheapest multi-city itineraries using Nomad, and avoids hidden exchange rate charges with price FX. This is just to name a few; our travel hacks page features loads more tips and tools to make travel easier and cheaper for everyone.

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If you still don’t have a account, you’re missing out. Not only will you get informed of other contests like this, you’ll also get special travel deals and offers catered to you sent straight to your inbox. Get early access to flash sales and other exclusive content available only to subscribers, and use our Refer a friend scheme to save money for yourself and other people you know who love to travel.

Happy hunting!

In the meantime, go to and start searching for those travel destination Easter eggs. Remember, it’s eight destination countries across the nine videos, all given in the form of a visual clue. And hey, if you win, maybe you’ll be heading to one of those amazing destinations yourself! Good luck, and happy hunting!

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