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World Travel Hackers: Exploring Bohol, the Philippines on just €20

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Can ChatGPT work as a travel guide? Plus, see how’s newest travel hack works, and how to explore Medellín, Paris, and Bohol on a budget

Our World Travel Hackers are ticking some top destinations off their bucket lists! Emilia and Joel are in Southeast Asia, Amin and Nathanael have made it to South America, and cousins Rafail and Thanasis are off to a savvy start on their adventures, saving as much money as they can on a flight to the Dominican Republic. This involves a pit-stop in Paris — a notoriously expensive capital, for sure, but not for these guys!…

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Try using ChatGPT as a tour guide


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After their bonus trips to Madrid and Mexico City, Amin and Nathanael landed in Medellín, Colombia — a city once famous for danger and unrest, now a popular South American destination with its street art, green spaces, vibrant nightlife, and many other goings-on. They had the quirky idea to let ChatGPT be their tour guide here, by prompting it to tell them about the best things to see and the best places to go. This is how they (and the bot) fared…

Price lock —’s newest travel hack

Rafail and Thanasis took us through how they secured a cheap trip to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, by using certain search criteria on and by making use of Price lock, the website’s newest travel hack.

Price lock lets you freeze the price of a flight you have your eye on without committing to it 100%. Come back to book within 72 hours, and you’ll still only pay that frozen price, even if the cost of the flight has since gone up for everyone else!

Click here to read more about how’s Price lock works, including its conditions.

Bohol on a budget


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Using’s Search to: Anywhere feature, Emilia and Joel found a flight to Bohol Island in the Philippines for just €50! According to Emilia, what makes this part of the world so amazing is that it’s essentially paradise, and yet very affordable. With this in mind, the couple set themselves a budget challenge to see all the best things in Bohol — including the Chocolate Hills and the Tarsier Conservation Area — in one day, and on just €20 each. Did they manage it? Watch this video to find out…

How to see Paris for €0

We were flattered that Rafail and Thanasis used our article on things to do in Paris for free as inspiration for their quick trip to the city!

The boys successfully demonstrated that you don’t need to spend lots (or any) money to see the grandiose French capital. Though sadly, they discovered that the École normale de musique de Paris doesn’t offer free concerts in July or August. Our bad.

Fly for cheaper with a long layover and get a bonus 24-hour vacation


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Back on the topic of seeing more of the world for less money, Emilia and Joel used’s Self-transfer travel hack on the way to their final destination as World Travel Hackers. They found a Self-transfer trip from the Philippines to Malaysia, consisting of two flights operated by two different airlines with a 24-hour layover in Singapore. This combination of flights, uncovered by our Kiwi-Code, ended up saving them over €100(!) as they didn’t travel directly from A to B.

It also just so happens that Singapore is perhaps one of the most fun places on the planet to spend a long stopover, and from the Rain Vortex to the Galaxy Pods and Changi Airport’s Bouncing Net, Emilia and Joel sure made the most of this!

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