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World Travel Hackers: How to plan a multi-city trip for cheap

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Our World Travel Hackers have set off on their adventures! They’ve shown us how to pack to save money, how to get the best flight deals on multi-city trips, and more

It’s time for our first round of World Travel Hackers highlights! Two of our seven duos — Emilia and Joel and Amin and Nathanael — have been on the move for several weeks now, completing travel challenges as they see the world and endeavor to spend as little of their €10,000 budgets as possible. This is where our savvy globetrotters have been, what they’ve been up to, and the travel hacks they’ve used to save money so far.

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The easiest way to plan a multi-city trip

Before Emilia and Joel set out on their trip around the world, they carefully calculated how much of their €10,000 budget they wanted to spend on flights, accommodation, and everything else. With €2,800 allocated to flights, they used Nomad, an exclusive travel hack available on, to find the best multi-city travel itinerary that’d get them to East Asia via some European city-break favorites.

So far, they’ve flown from London to Venice, from Venice to Budapest, and they’ve just arrived in Shanghai. What was the price that Nomad found for these three legs? €640 per person — an absolute steal — at the height of summer, as well!

With four more countries on their list, it looks like Emilia and Joel are on track not to spend more than €2,800 on flights. But of course, travel budgeting is a fine art, and anything could happen. This is the summer adventure of a lifetime, after all, and no adventure is so easy!

Check out how you too can use Nomad from to create your own budget mega-vacation…

Fit everything for a four-week trip in carry-on only

Both Emilia and Nathanael showed us exactly how they packed their carry-on bags. And that’s carry-on bags only, by the way; they managed to fit everything they’ll need for four weeks into a single practical backpack each. From packing cubes to microfiber towels and shampoo bars, we knew we could trust our savvy World Travel Hackers to find clever ways to make the most of such little space.

Packing light is one of the most important things to do, if not rule number one, if you want to travel for cheap. Play around with the ‘Bags’ search filter on to see just how much money you could save by forgoing checked luggage on your flights.

See more of the world for less money

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Amin and Nathanael made use of our Self-transfer travel hack to spend a day in Madrid and a day in Mexico City! When they searched for their itinerary on, the Kiwi-Code presented them with an option to South America with two layovers in these dynamic capitals.


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These layovers, made possible by Self-transfer, were long enough that the boys could leave the airports and explore, but brief enough that they wouldn’t end up splurging on extra accommodation. (Okay — they did spend one night in Madrid, but staying with a friend meant no blow to their budget!) Bonus destinations unlocked.

Budapest on a budget

After their brief visit to Venice (where they found the cheapest, most incredible fresh pasta), Emilia and Joel managed to get around all the best things to do in Budapest for just €50 each! Their top money-saving travel hacks for this destination included heading to Széchenyi Thermal Bath before 9 am, getting a 24-hour travel pass that’s valid on public transport and the river cruise, and, if you need to eat out, opting for self-service restaurants.


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