You can now book “Sleeper’s Row” on Lufthansa flights

You can now book “Sleeper’s Row” on Lufthansa flights

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It’s available on select long-haul flights at the check-in desk or at the gate

Traveling long-haul can be exhausting, especially if it’s coupled with a lack of sleep. With its latest service expansion, Lufthansa might be putting a stop to sleepless nights onboard. Its Sleeper’s Row allows passengers in economy class to book an entire row of seats to relax, stretch, and get some sleep.

Sleeper’s Row comes with business-class perks, a special seat belt, and priority boarding

The Sleeper’s Row comes with business-class perks and priority boardingThe Sleeper’s Row comes with business-class perks and priority boarding — Lufthansa

This week the German flag carrier launched the option of booking a Sleeper’s Row on long-haul flights of 11 hours or more, such as those to São Paulo, Los Angeles, Singapore, and others to Central America and Southern Africa.

For the entire duration of the flight, passengers will have three to four adjacent seats to themselves and receive “a comfortable pillow, blanket and mattress topper of Business Class quality,” states the airline’s website. The row is equipped with a special seat belt which ensures the passenger’s safety even when lying down. 

It also includes priority boarding so passengers can board the plane earlier than others.

The new offer is available for passengers in economy class at the check-in or at the gate for a surcharge of €159 to €229 (($189 to $271) per route. It’s not possible to book it in advance as its availability depends on the number of free seats on the aircraft, with a maximum of three rows per flight.

Lufthansa tested the Sleeper’s Row on the route Frankfurt–São Paulo–Frankfurt for several weeks at the end of last year. The offer received much positive feedback from passengers and was in high demand,” states the website.

“The Sleeper’s Row is a further step towards more product diversity in Economy Class to meet passengers’ wishes for more comfort and individuality. By equipping the new long-haul aircraft, Lufthansa is providing its passengers additional services to make flying even more pleasant.”

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