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Five Best Cities And Places To Visit In Greece

In southeastern Europe lies the beautiful gem of a country Greece, made up of up to 6000 islands and islets, an ancient civilization that everyone learns about in school, and the most delicious cuisine.

If you’re a lover of the crystal blue sea, charming towns like Parga, interesting art museums like the National Gallery, or world-class tourist attractions like the Acropolis, Greece is where you want to spend your holidays.

Kiwi has put together this article filled with the best vacation ideas and spots in Greece to help you out with planning your next trip.

When Is The Best Time To Visit Greece?

If you’re visiting Greece for the weather and the Mediterranean climate, the best time to visit is the summer months of June, July, and August. Temperatures range between 17°C and 33°C depending on what part of the country you visit. Major touristy places in Greece, such as the islands, get very crowded, so the prices of everything are high. Plus, Greece isn’t the cheapest country.

The winter season in Greece is from before Christmas in December to February. While Greece isn’t near as busy in the winter as it is during the summer, people still travel to Greece around this time. Temperatures range between 12°C to 15°C. The further north you go, the colder it gets.

The shoulder seasons in Greece are April to June and September to October. This is a wonderful time to fly to Greece. During these months, the prices of everything are low, so there’s brilliant value there waiting to be taken advantage of.

  • Athens
  • Corfu
  • Santorini
  • Crete
  • Ioannina

Athens – The Birthplace Of Western Civilization

The magic of Athens is well documented but often overshadowed by the paradise islands across the ocean. Home to iconic places such as the Acropolis, a hipster cafe culture, and charming districts like Plaka, the Greek capital Athens really does tick all the boxes as a top travel destination.

Athens – What To Do There

Marvel at the Acropolis – Athen’s most visited landmark is, without a doubt, the Acropolis, an ancient citadel sitting on the edge of a cliff overlooking the whole capital. The structure dates as far back as the Bronze Age and is made with limestone rock from when dinosaurs were still on the earth.

Check out the Panathenaic Stadium – Dating back to 330 BC, the Panathenaic Stadium is known for hosting the first ceremony of the modern Olympic Games in 1896. In 2004 when Athens hosted the Olympics, the stadium was used as a competing venue.

Walk through Plaka – Sitting under the Acropolis is everyone’s favorite neighborhood, Plaka. Loved for its winding streets dressed with pale green trees and corner shops selling all kinds of crafts and handmade products. If you’re lucky enough, you might find a seat at one of the many restaurants selling the tastiest delights from Greek cuisine.

Must Try Food And Drink When You’re Visiting Athens

Gyros – The epitome of Greek street food is Gyros, a traditional dish consisting of a choice of meat, either chicken, pork, or lamb, pita bread, vegetables, and some sauce of your choice. These tasty snacks only usually cost a couple of euros, but if you buy one at an eatery in a touristy area, they can cost double the price.

Saganaki – This cheese-based appetizer goes down a treat, and almost every traditional Greek restaurant will have it available. It’s made by wrapping a selected cheese in flour, throwing it onto a pan, and frying it for ten minutes. Many Greeks will order Saganaki alongside a tasty Greek salad.

Metaxa – Metaxa is seen as one of the softest liqueurs all over the world. It’s a Greek amber spirit that has a potent taste depending on how old it is, similar to the likes of Brandy. You’ve probably heard of Metaxa before, as it’s sold in over 50 countries and enjoyed by many liqueur connoisseurs.

Tips For Visiting Athens

  • If you’re an EU citizen under the age of 24, you’ll be able to access the Acropolis for free.
  • Be careful when walking over pedestrians’ crosses. Most drivers in Athens don’t acknowledge them. They’ll just keep driving without any warning.
  • Don’t flush your toilet roll down the toilet. Greeks take this very seriously. There will always be a bin in the bathrooms which you can use to dispose of any tissues.

Corfu – One Of The Warmest Destinations Popular Among Families

Corfu is one of Greece’s largest islands, situated off the northwest of the country in the Adriatic Sea. Visitors who make the trip to this beautiful place will be treated to a lush coastline, picturesque landscapes, and rich cultural heritage that’s evident wherever you go.

What Are The Best Things To Do In Corfu

Spend the day at Agni Bay – Hidden away on the north coast of Corfu is the delightful pebbled Agni Bay. Swim in aqua waters, join a snorkeling trip to scout out marine life and finish up the day with your favorite ice cream while watching the sun go down.

Snap some great shots at Cape Drastis – At the northwesternmost tip of Corfu is gorgeous Cape Drastis, a set of weirdly shaped cliffs with small sea caves and enticing sandy bays. The best views are from the neighboring viewpoint near Peroulades Village; alternatively, you can take a boat trip there if the weather is nice.

Hit the clubs at Kavos – The seaside village of Corfu is famed for its vibrant nightlife scene, with bustling bars, beach clubs, and nightclubs blaring the loudest music and serving the strongest drinks. It’s an area popular among young adults between the ages of 18 – 30 and has some lovely resorts if you want to party when you’re in Greece.

The Best Food And Drinks To Try In Corfu

Pastitsada – If you want to eat what the locals like, you have to try Pastitsada, a pasta-based dish topped with slow-cooked beef with spicy gravy and tomato sauce. The popular plate is usually eaten as a part of Sunday Dinner in Corfu.

Sofrito – While this dish might have an Italian name, it’s eaten and loved by almost everyone in Corfu. The name Sofrito translates to “sauteed” and is made with pan-fried veal in white wine with olive oil, fresh herbs, and kakavilia. If you’d like to add a scrumptious side, mashed potatoes or fava beans go well with Sofrito.

What To Know Before Visiting Corfu

  • The public transport system in Corfu isn’t great. If you want to get around easily, consider hiring a moped or a car.
  • Wear comfortable shoes wherever you go. Corfu is a hilly island, so you’re going to find yourself walking uphill more often than not.
Corfu kerkyra

Santorini – The Ideal Location For Honeymoons And Couples

This stunning island in the Aegean Sea is arguably one of the most awe-inspiring locations in the world. Think of multicolored rolling hills, bright white Cycladic villages, and boutique wineries; that’s what Santorini is made of. While Santorini is a top place to go for honeymoons, you’ll have a fantastic time regardless of your travel tastes.

Things To Do For Tourists In Santorini

Take a tour of Nea Kameni – In the center of the Santorini Caldera is the uninhabited island of Nea Kameni, made up of black lava rock formed after a number of eruptions in the area. Day trips operate daily from Fira or Athinios ports, and on a good day from the top of the island, you’ll be able to see steam coming from the Georgios crater.

Walk around Imerovigli – The traditional settlement of Imerovigli is one of the cool places to go on the island to go see the white-painted Cycladic houses that Santorini is known for. Because of Imerovigli’s distinct location on the edge of a cliff, when you go there, you’ll be treated to mesmerizing seaside views.

Visit Skaros Rock – Skaros Rock is a huge, unique rock formation created from a volcanic eruption shaped by erosion and earthquakes before the blast. There’s a set of ancient Greek ruins on top of the Skaros Rock that was destroyed by an earthquake in the 19th century; you can still see the remains today.

Must Try Food And Drinks In Santorini

Tomatokeftedes – The Greek appetizer Tomatokeftedes can be found throughout the country, but because Santorini is where it was invented, you have to try it there. This snack is made with crushed tomatoes, and then they’re fried in oil. Simple, yet oh-so-good.

Assyrtiko – Assyrtiko is a well-known Greek white wine that was first made on Santorini but has since broken out all over the country, and nobody is complaining. Its taste is a little bit citrusy but still provides that white wine kick that drinks crave.

What To Know Before Visiting Santorini

  • Hotels with views of the Caldera are extremely high priced. The cheapest neighborhood to check out when booking one is Fira.
  • While some people will tell you the ferry is the cheapest way to get to Santorini, sometimes it’s not. Additionally, if you factor in the 5-8 hour journey, it’s really not worth it when you can fly there from the mainland.

Crete – One Of The Warm Places For Sun Lovers

Crete is the biggest island in Greece in terms of population and land area and has something for everyone, whether you want to spend your time away on sandy beaches like Elafonisi Beach or wandering through cities like Chania. You’ll need more than a few days if you would like to explore all corners of Crete, as there’s so much to do.

Which Are The Attractions In Crete That Everyone Will Love?

Lounge by Elafonisi Beach – The postcard-like Elafonisi Beach sits on the channel Elafonisi and mainland Crete and is highly regarded as the top beach to visit in Crete to visit. What makes Elafonisi Beach stand out is the pink sand in some areas that have been formed from thousands of broken seashells over many years.

Grab a coffee by Lake Voulismeni – The astounding Lake Voulismeni is the perfect place to head for a coffee break on a day of exploring. It’s an area surrounded by vibrant restaurants and coffee shops and is well sought after by local fishermen looking to get their hands on a catch.

Visit the Aquaworld Aquarium – One of the three aquariums in Greece is the Aquaworld Aquarium in Crete. Small in size but offers visitors a unique insight into the aqua world. Watch octopuses go about their daily lives, admire tortoises, and overcome your fear of snakes by wrapping one around your neck.

What To Eat And Drink In Crete

Cretan Cheese – Whatever villages you visit in Crete, one thing they’ll all have in common is that they have their own Cheese. Often made with either goat or sheep milk, Cretan Cheese tastes lovely on top of a Greek salad or on a toasted sandwich.

Mournoraki – Mournoraki is a rare spirit made from black mulberries and will often be offered to you as a welcome drink. Getting your hands on some may be difficult as it’s considered a delicacy, and if you do, you’ll have to pay quite a substantial amount even for a shot.

What You Should Know Before Going To Crete

  • Download the Crete offline map before arriving. In some areas of the island, service is scarce, so you might find yourself dropping signal when you’re out and about, especially in the mountains.
  • After finishing up your meal, make sure you leave a tip behind. Tipping is more of a thing in Crete than in other parts of the country because the economy there is heavily reliant on tourism.

Ioannina – One Of The Places To Travel In Greece To Escape The Crowds

One location on the Greek mainland that doesn’t see near the number of tourists as the islands do is the lovely city of Ioannina. Situated on the banks of Lake Pamvotida, Ioannina is a hidden gem undiscovered by many and has a fantastic culinary scene that every foodie will love. But what makes this secret treasure so special and worth visiting? Keep scrolling to find out.

Activities To Do And Things To Experience In Ioannina

Immerse yourself in nature by the Voidomatis river – Flowing through quaint villages and lush green forests in Ioannina, the Voidomatis river is one of the calmest spots in Greece. Whether you just want to relax for the day or participate in various water sports like canoeing or canyoning, the Voidomatis river is the perfect place to do so.

Wander around Ioannina Castle – In the southeastern part of the city is Ioannina Castle, dating all the way back to the Ottoman period. History buffs can enter the grounds for as little as three euros and spend hours learning about the structure’s history and significance.

Go inside the Cave of Perama – Touring the Cave of Perama should be on everyone’s Ioannina bucket list. Admire massive caverns and impressive stalactites, stalagmites, and pillars. You can only go in as far as one kilometer, but what you’ll see within that time will still have you in awe.

What Visitors Should Eat And Drink When They Visit Ioannina

Greek Salad – It’s true when people say that Greeks enjoy a Greek Salad with almost every meal, and could you blame them? Greek Salads are a combination of cucumber, olives, onions, tomatoes, and sprinkled with some feta cheese. For the dressing, you’ll be served a Greek vinaigrette made from olive oil, dijon mustard, lemon juice, and red wine vinegar.

Ouza – Every bar in Ioannina and all over Greece will have Ouza, a traditional Greek grape-based liqueur made with coriander, water, fennel, aniseed, and other types of herbs. If you get into a bit of a drinking session with a Greek and this stuff comes out, you won’t be getting home until the early hours of the following morning.

Top Tips That Anyone Visiting Ioannina Should Know

  • Beware of notorious pickpockets operating around the top tourist attractions in Ioannina. Some opportunists tend to congregate around the city’s main sights in the hope of stealing things from travelers who aren’t aware.
  • Ioannina city doesn’t have a train station. The best way to get there is by taking an intercity bus.

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When Is The Best Time Of Year To Travel To Greece?
Travelers who plan on visiting Greece will be happy to know that you can go on holiday to the country any time of the year and have an enjoyable stay. The weather rarely impacts plans, hotels are always open for business as there's always a demand, and you can visit the popular sights and landmarks all year round as they're never closed.
How To Find Cheap Flights To Greece?

Here at, our aim is to provide our customers with access to their dream travel destinations. We find our customer's low-cost fares online with our crafty travel hacks and technology that other flight search websites won't show you.

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What Is Greece Known For?
Besides being one of the countries in Europe with the nicest weather, Greece is known for its remarkable islands, ancient archaeological sites, the Olympic Sports Games, Greek Philosophy, and flavorful coffee.
What's The Best Food In Greece?
The Greek cuisine is heavily influenced by other regions, such as the Middle East and Italy, but still holds its own authenticity. Dishes such as Moussaka, Pastitsio, Souvlaki (Gyros), and Stifado are all loved by tourists as well as by the Greeks themselves.
How Many Days Do I Need In Greece?

What a lot of people do when they visit Greece is going island hopping. If this is your plan, you should pick a couple of islands and explore them in depth for two weeks, but not too many, or you'll end up exhausted.

As for people who want to travel to the mainland as well as some islands, you should give yourself around a month, depending on whereabouts you want to go.

Can You Go Skiing In Greece?
Believe it or not, there are various locations where you can go skiing in Greece at places like Mount Parnassus and the Peloponessos region.