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Best places in the world to travel to in July 2024

July is the most desirable vacation time for millions of people. Many corners of the world are fabulously beautiful in July. Travelers have their preferences and criteria for weather, type of holidays, activities for children, and more when they travel. These 5 destinations have something for everyone regardless of their style.

The very best July destinations

  • Finland
  • Germany
  • Belgium
  • Indonesia
  • Denmark
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Finland: The magic of Northern Europe

Many people think of the Northern Lights when they think of Finland. Besides this beautiful attraction, Finland has so much more to offer tourists. Finland is also an excellent destination for summer holidays. The sun isn’t as hot as in southern destinations, so you’ll have comfortable temperatures for seeing the best of Finland. Local archipelagos and their landscapes amaze visitors and make for memorable photos.

Area: 338,440 km2 Language: Finnish Capital city: Helsinki
Population: 5.5 million Local currency: euro Time zone: GMT+2

Finland’s best vacation spots

Check out these cool places when you visit Finland in July.

Wander off the beaten path in Örö

If your idea of a great holiday is to leave civilization behind, the island of Örö is not to be missed! Take the opportunity to experience Örö before the crowds discover it. It’s a small island but looks enormous compared to others in the archipelago. Örö belonged to the Finnish military for a long time, but now it’s taking its rightful place as a desirable destination for hikers, artists, birdwatchers, historians, and more. Its fortifications, barracks, and observation platforms offer travelers a unique atmosphere. And when you’re ready for more, enjoy its sauna, fishing, and bike rentals.

Tampere – Heaven for families with kids

In the south of Finland, families with kids will love Tampere. This destination’s numerous lakes offer parents and children gentle slopes and shallow depths. When you travel around the city itself, the Näsinneula Tower is a must-see. It’s one of the tallest towers in Finland and Scandinavia – 120 meters high! Dine at the restaurant on a rotating platform – good food with a breathtaking panoramic view.

Discover a unique northern European city, Helsinki

Helsinki is among the top five safest cities in the world. It boasts one of the largest zoos, water parks, and entertainment centers in Northern Europe, and if you’re traveling to Helsinki in June, you can spot all these spectacular sights by bike. This city boasts magnificent bike paths with a total of 1,200 kilometers! And bike rentals are free in the downtown area with a refundable deposit of 2 euros.

Average monthly temperatures in Helsinki, Finland

Avg Temp Helsinki Finland

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Germany – Visit the land of everlasting fun, beer, and sausages

What comes to your mind when you think about Germany? Accuracy and precision? Historical triumphs and tragedies? Fantastic natural wonders? Hearty meals? All would be correct! Combined, they make this country one of the best to visit in July.

Area: 357,588 km2 Language: German Capital city: Berlin
Population: 83.1 million Local currency: Euro Time zone: GMT+1

Germany’s best vacation spots

Germany is particularly beautiful in July. Here are several highly rated destinations you should check out.

Borkum – An island for everyone

Borkum’s best feature may be its versatility. Thanks to sea air highly saturated with salt ions and a climate especially favorable for allergy sufferers, Borkum received the status of a medical resort back in 1830. The shallow water adjacent to the island is a favorite for older visitors. However, younger travelers love Borkum just as much for its sandy beaches, enchanting hiking trails, horseback riding, and especially the “Youth Beach” (Jugendbad), offering music, fun, and kite-flying. There are fortifications, barracks, and observation platforms for adventure seekers and history buffs.

Travel to northern Germany’s most leisurely spot, Juist

Travel to the island of Juist to see the most leisurely and beautiful destination in Northern Germany. Kilometers of beach offer seemingly endless beach walks and let you enjoy postcard views. Also, the mudflats of Juist are a common tourist attraction you don’t want to miss.

Find a riot of color that greets your stroll through quaint village streets in Meersburg

Meersburg is a small town on the shores of Lake Constance (​​Bodensee). You might feel like you’re in a fairytale as you wander among fully preserved medieval buildings, vineyards, and orchards. Narrow streets decorated with colorful varieties of flowers and the azure lake create an unforgettable scene in July. History enthusiasts will love visiting the old Meersburg castle with its 30 rooms of medieval furniture, clothes, and household items.

Visit lesser know areas in the German capital of Berlin

Berlin is famous worldwide, so let’s look beyond the city’s acclaimed sights and visit its overlooked suburbs. One example is Spreewald, famous for its river channels and meadows. A boat resembling a Venetian gondola will take you on a magical journey along the Spree River among green islands and beautiful buildings. After your boat ride, visit the old castle and try the famous Spreewald pickled cucumbers!

Average monthly temperatures in Berlin, Germany

Avg Temp Berlin Germany

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Belgium – The capital of Europe awaits!

When you travel to Belgium, you’ll be mesmerized by its lively market squares, many canals, mysterious medieval castles, picturesque North Sea beaches, and – of course – tempted by its tasty chocolate, incomparable Belgian waffles, and famed beers. Some travelers are disappointed when they see the Manneken Pis – at less than a meter in height! But it is among the most charming sights as well. Skip the typical tourist sites and hyped monuments! Instead, rent a bike and wend your way through charming small towns, enjoying all the sounds, sights, and tastes of Belgium. Let yourself be captured by the rhythm of this fascinating country.

Area: 30,688 km2 Language: Dutch, French, German Capital city: Brussels
Population: 11.5 million Local currency: euro Time zone: GMT+1

Belgium’s best vacation spots

Belgium offers a plethora of fabulous places. Let’s look at a few.

Admire charming Bruges

It’s no wonder so many people have so much love for Bruges! Its numerous picturesque canals and over 80 bridges will make you feel like you’re in a movie. For a panoramic view of the entire city, visit the Belfort watchtower built in 1240.

Enjoy the North Sea in Ostend

Ostend’s wide sandy beaches are perfect in July. Chill on the beach during the day and walk along the Albert I embankment in the evenings. For a feast for the eyes, visit the Neo-Gothic Church of Saints, Peter and Paul. If you’re traveling with kids, they’ll love the local North Sea Aquarium. And for the party animals in your group, ​​Langestraat Street offers a myriad of bars, nightclubs, and casinos.

Leuven – A mecca for beer lovers

Leuven is famous for being the oldest Catholic university in Belgium and for the Stella Artois brand of beer – produced here since the 15th century! Beer fans will enjoy visiting one of the most extended bar squares in Europe – “Oude Markt.” But Leuven is about a lot more than beer.

Visit the heart of the EU – Brussels

Travelers from all over the world know Brussels as the European Commission Headquarters and home to the iconic Manneken Pis, the landmark Atomium, the Grand Place, and many other must-see sights. And if you have time, check out these hidden gems – the giant Clothespin sculpture that “pulls up” a piece of “fabric” ground and Manneken Pis’s pals – a peeing girl and dog!

Average monthly temperatures in Brussels, BelgiumAvg Temp Brussels Belgium

Indonesia – Visit the land of endless islands

Do you know how many islands Indonesia includes? Don’t feel bad if you answered “no” – even Indonesians aren’t sure! Over 18,100 islands comprise this magical country. And while no one could ever visit them all, we’ll tell you about the most ones!

Area: 1,905,000 km2 Language: Indonesian Capital city: Jakarta
Population: 276.4 million Local currency: Indonesian rupiah Time zone: GMT+7

Indonesia’s best vacation spots

Here are just a few locations you need to stop at when in Indonesia.

Visit Bali, one of the most Instagramable destinations on the planet

Everyone should visit Bali at least once. The town of Ubud is a mecca for those whose tastes run to romance, organic cafés, waterfalls, massage, and yoga. The local forest features very sociable monkeys to make you smile. The floating palaces of Ujung and Tirta Gangga are visual feasts, with statues of demons and gods, flowing fountains, pristine carp ponds, tropical flower gardens, and exquisite bridges. And the verdant Jatiluwih rice terraces offer peace, seclusion, and a dive into history. Still plowed by water buffalo, local farms make a memorable impression and merge past and present.

Beware of the dragons on Komodo Island!

Not the fire-breathing kind, but still impressive – the ancient reptile Komodo varan calls this island home, and they’re a must-see when you visit. If dragons aren’t your cup of tea, head for the blissful sandy beaches, where fascinating marine-life experiences are to be had. The underwater habitat around Komodo is one of the most interesting and diverse in the world!

Kick back and relax on Lombok

Lombok and Bali are neighbors, but their characters are as different as day and night. Lombok is quiet, secluded, and mainly a Muslim island, unlike Bali. But its beauty is just as stunning as Bali’s. Moreover, this island is perfect for those who want to discover and challenge themselves. The Rinjani Volcano becomes active, ejects ash, and sends up plumes of smoke from time to time. Yet there is no great danger, and guides escort tourists up for a closer look on tours that take about three days. With an amazing blue lake, there are many great photo opportunities and bragging rights after you conquer its 3276-meter altitude. Then relax at the camp and reflect on your accomplishment!

Average monthly temperatures in Jakarta, Indonesia

Avg Temp Jakarta Indonesia

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Denmark – Hans Christian Andersen was inspired to create the world’s most beloved fairy tales here

July is the best month to discover beautiful Denmark, the pearl of Scandinavia! Outdoor recreation on the Danish Riviera and excursions to the sights of Copenhagen, gingerbread farms and ancient fortresses, spa hotels, sea cruises, and the Legoland amusement park are at your disposal during the best weather of the year. The July air temperature is seldom uncomfortably hot (it rarely exceeds 20°C/68°F), yet the water is warm enough for swimming.

Area: 42,951 km2 Language: Danish Capital city: Copenhagen
Population: 5.8 million Local currency: Danish krone Time zone: GMT+1

Denmark’s best vacation spots

Here are the best places to visit in Scandinavia in July.

Søndervig – A top place for a summer holiday in Denmark

The resort town of Søndervig, a 40-km dune between the Ringkøbing Fjord and the North Sea, makes for splendid holidays in July. Choose among hundreds of holiday accommodations near the North Sea, and enjoy wide sandy beaches and brisk ocean waves. Just 8 km to the east, you’ll find much to do in the market town of Ringkøbing. Its narrow, old streets will be a charming complement to your seaside holiday.

Discover Denmark’s most beautiful waterfront in Funen

In the southwest corner of the island of Funen, you will find Helnæs. It holds the most beautiful promenade in Denmark. You’ll travel over a short causeway to a headland where hills rise above the sea. Stop at the old mill to stay overnight at a “nature school” – every room has a unique style and some delightful views for you to enjoy.

Enjoy one of the best options for families with kids in Sejerø Bay

Sejerø Bay is a popular island with many cottages and cozy accommodations, especially great for families with small children. The water in the bay is shallow and warm. If you’re looking for something more spectacular, travel to Gudmindrup Lyng with its majestic dunes.

Copenhagen – One of Europe’s coziest capitals

Copenhagen is so cozy and neat that it often doesn’t correspond with the standard image of a “capital.” There are almost no skyscrapers here, but historical sights in the Old Center can be found on nearly every street! Go to the Nyhavn district to soak up the culture and unique vibes among local writers and artists. Visit the Vesterbro district to experience all sorts of fine dining and specialty-food establishments. Then head to the Österbro district to capture photos of its elegant buildings. For something a bit more “off the beaten track,” visit the Freetown Christiania, founded in the 1970s and noted for hippie anarchists still living by their laws.

Average monthly temperatures in Copenhagen, Denmark

Avg Temp Copenhagen Denmark

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