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Best places in the world to travel to in March 2024

March is the official start of spring, but depending on where you live, it can be just a tease. If your home is in a place where it’s still winter outside or at least feels like it, you don’t have to wait to get warm! Wait out March weather by going to warmer places and returning home with a golden tan and a joyous spring mood.

To choose your destination, narrow down the purpose of the trip. Certain countries should top your list if you’re looking for a summer-like sun and gentle sea. Take a look at the top 5 countries to visit in March.

The best destinations to travel to in March

  1. Sri-Lanka
  2. Vietnam
  3. Malaysia
  4. New Zealand
  5. Italy

Sri Lanka – Visit a blessed island

Sri Lanka, Nuwara Eliya, tea plantation
When in Nuwara Eliya, you can visit tea plantations and get amazing views © Getty Images

On the island of Sri Lanka, which resembles a tear from the air, you’ll find ancient Buddhist temples, ruins of historic urban areas, and medieval forts. Sri Lanka, whose name means “blessed island” in the local language, is an important center of world tourism, and its climate is terrific in March.

Area: 65,610  km2 Language: Sinhala Capital city: Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte
Population: 22.16 million Local Currency: Sri Lankan rupee Time zone: GMT+5.30

Best vacation spots in Sri Lanka

Despite the rapid boom of tourism, the local population of Sri Lanka carefully preserves its cultural heritage, traditions, and worldview, which makes this place unique. Here are the top places to check out in the country.

Negombo – Take an amazing gastro seafood tour

Local seafood markets make this place the food capital of Sri Lanka. Come here not to swim but to visit the Negombo Fish Market complex. Try shrimp in garlic sauce, shack crabs, and prawns kottu. In addition, you’ll find a few reefs for superb diving.

Bentota – A top place for seclusion with nature

A premium resort town, Bentota, will give you a wide range of unforgettable experiences. Solitude with nature? Yes, choose any of the white-sanded beaches or trips to jungles and mangrove forests. Crave an adrenaline rush? Book a rafting trip among crocodiles on the local river.

Colombo – A former capital city that’s adjacent to the current one

The capital is a suburb of the bigger city of Colombo. Come here to see a Sri Lanka that’s far from the advertising leaflets with images of serene temples. Here, you can contemplate modern large skyscrapers in Colombo Fort, the business center. In the evening, stroll along the Galle Face promenade, dine at a local restaurant, sample draft beer, and participate in local events.

The Buddha statue in Seema Malaka temple on Beira Lake with beautiful view of Colombo skyline in Colombo CBD.
The Buddha statue in Seema Malaka temple on Beira Lake with beautiful view of Colombo skyline in Colombo CBD © Getty Images

Average monthly temperatures in Colombo, Sri Lanka

Avg-Temp Colombo Sri Lanka

The famous Hang Son Doong cave in Vietnam © Getty Images

Vietnam – A holiday to remember

Vietnam is an extremely cheap country for everyone to travel to and is one of the most visited countries in Southeast Asia. The country’s coastline twists like a snake for 3,444 kilometers. It starts just north of Halong Bay in the South China Sea and extends to the Gulf of Thailand. All of that coastline means plenty of beautiful beaches.

Area: 331,210  km2 Language: Vietnamese Capital city: Hanoi
Population: 98.17 million Local currency: Vietnamese dong Time zone: GMT+7

Best vacation spots in Vietnam

Vietnam curves along the shores of the South China Sea, which is part of both the Pacific and Indian oceans. The country’s water temperature in March varies from place to place, warm to cool, but you’re guaranteed beauty wherever you go.

Here are some notable places to visit when you’re in Vietnam.

Da Nang – Soak up local life in the nicest weather

The seaside area of Da Nang is frequented by the Vietnamese but is mostly unknown to foreigners. Explore this large and modern city by bike (or taxi, as public transport does not operate here). Chill on the white-sanded Bac My An and My Khe beaches, where you can collect beautiful shells. Take a walk across the famous Golden Bridge, seen in travel magazines all over the planet.

Con Dao – Escape to paradise for a while

Another part of Vietnam is almost undiscovered by tourists, Con Dao Island is an excellent place to enjoy a serenely relaxing holiday away from civilization against the backdrop of virgin mountains and forests. Watch barracudas, giant turtles, dugongs, and other exotic marine animals when diving. On land, hop on motorbikes and cruise along the winding high mountain roads, where you’ll be treated to stunning views.

Hanoi – An urban heaven for photographers

Experiencing Vietnam's Culinary Delights: Vietnamese Soup in Sapa's Street Restaurant
Experiencing Vietnam’s Culinary Delights: Vietnamese Soup in Hanoi © Getty Images

Walk along the Old Quarter, a bright and happy place teeming with local street food, then head for the railway, just a meter from the slums. Nevertheless, you will adore the mentality of locals who, despite poverty, keep their accommodations clean and decorated with pots and bushes. Don’t forget to try the famous Pho soup in Hanoi, you won’t regret it!

Average monthly temperatures in Hanoi, Vientnam

Avg Temp Hanoi Vietnam

Malaysia – Find beauty the moment you arrive

Kuala Lumpur Skyline
Malaysia’s nightlife © Getty Images

Malaysia will amaze you from the get-go. At the Kuala Lumpur airport, you can wander through a natural rainforest. This piece of nature in its original form was preserved during the construction. And it’s just the beginning of what awaits you in the outstanding travel destination.

Area: 330 335  km2 Language: Malay Capital city: Kuala Lumpur
Population: 32.7 million Local Currency: Malaysian ringgit Time zone: GMT+8

Best vacation spots in Malaysia

Take a look at what else is waiting for you when you arrive in this marvelous country.

Malacca – Take great snaps in this colorful town

Photogenic Malacca, where residents paint their houses in vibrant colors, will travel deep into your soul. Vehicles, particularly rickshaws, are colorful here too. Hop on the brightest one for a ride to the Jonker Walk Street night market to try Malay dishes or walk around the marvelous Buddhist Temple of Green Clouds.

George Town – An iconic place with delicious food

Grab your camera and try to spot the most famous street art in George Town, depicting children riding bicycles and adults sleeping on hammocks. You’ll find these well-painted murals on Cannon Street, Armenian Street, Queen Street, and other city corners.

Kuala Lumpur – Where modern twin skyscrapers coexist with buildings from eras gone by

When in Kuala Lumpur, see the metropolis from the height of the Petronas Towers or the Menara Tower. Then spend a few hours visiting the nearby village of Kampung Kuantan after dark. You can take a boat ride along a river dotted with flickering firefly lights – just like in a fairy tale.

Tourist on rickshaw in the old town, George Town, Malaysia
Riding on rickshaws is a must in George Town, Malaysia © Getty Images

Average monthly temperatures in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Avg Temp- Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

New Zealand – Travel to the universe of Lord of the Rings

March is the best time to admire New Zealand’s breathtaking waterfalls, geysers, beaches, glaciers, hills, and lakes without crowds of tourists. And, of course, Lord of the Rings fans must pilgrimage to the surroundings of the Tongariro and Ruapehu volcanoes, the Waikato River, and the town of Queenstown.

Tourist couple looking at beautiful landscape, New Zealand
New Zealand is the perfect destination for you if you love hiking © Getty Images
Area: 268 021  km2 Language: Maori (official) and English (predominant and de facto official) Capital city: Wellington
Population: 5.1 million Local Currency: New Zealand dollar Time zone: GMT+13

Best vacation spots in New Zealand

Let’s see what fabulous spots the motherland of The Hobbit can show us in March.

Dunedin – Where to fly to watch seals in the wild

It’s hard to say what is more adventurous in Dunedin: seeing seals, albatrosses, and penguins in the wild or walking up the steepest street in the world? And we mean “steepest” literally. Baldwin Street holds the record with a length of 359 meters and a rise of 80 meters.

Wai-O-Tapu Valley – Witness the meltdown

Wai-O-Tapu Valley
Hydrothermal pools? What more could you want from New Zealand? © Getty Images

No trip to New Zealand is complete without a visit to the hydrothermal zones. Check out Wai-O-Tapu Valley, where the entire surface is like a cauldron, and everything boils, gurgles, and sizzles. This valley is one of a few places on the Earth where you can observe volcanic elements closely.

Wellington – See wild birds in the heart of civilization

Travelers adore Wellington for an opportunity to simultaneously be in a modern city and in the wild outdoors. Just imagine – you drive along Civic Square admiring luxurious buildings; then, 10 minutes from downtown, you find yourself in Zealandia, a natural paradise for wildlife lovers where unusual endangered animals and birds roam freely.

Average monthly temperatures in Queenstown, New Zealand

Avg Temp Queenstown New Zealand

Italy – Where citizens speak with gestures

People dining outside restaurants and bars at dusk in Catania
Dining outside in Italy © Getty Images

When you travel to Italy as a foreigner, you may have to use gestures to make yourself understood. But no worries – you won’t be alone. Coming from more than 20 regions, each with its own dialect, Italians use gestures when they talk to other Italians from different areas. This isn’t necessarily a reason to visit, but do you know what it is? Italy has 58 UNESCO World Heritage Sites waiting to be discovered.

Area: 301,230  km2 Language: Italian Capital city: Rome
Population: 59.07 million Local Currency: Euro Time zone: GMT+1

Best vacation spots in Italy

Just imagine how many marvelous places you can see in a culturally rich country like Italy, from last-minute ski getaways at the end of the season in the Alps to cheap escapes in Rome. Have a look at these places before you visit.

Corvara in Badia – The most magnificent sunset you’ll ever see

Corvara in Badia is a small village in the Italian Alps that perfectly suits everyone, including honeymooning couples. Here you’ll see some of the most beautiful sunsets ever when the slopes of the Dolomites are painted in various shades of red, creating a great play of colors.

Cortina d’Ampezzo – Find yourself in a fairytale

Cortina d’Ampezzo looks like a marvelous city on a postcard. In addition to its stunning ambiance, it is packed with numerous designer boutiques and antique shops along Corso Italia Street. As dusk falls, Cortina comes to life; travelers go to fancy restaurants to discuss their active day in the mountains over a glass of wine. Cortina d’Ampezzo once hosted the Olympic Games, so don’t doubt the quality of its ski slopes and trails.

Breuil Cervinia ski resort – Have one foot in Italy and the other in Switzerland

Go skiing or snowboarding in one of the oldest ski resorts in Europe. Because of its location along the Swiss border, you can get to Switzerland on the lift by paying for an international subscription. And don’t be shy if it is your first time on the slopes. The key ski areas like Plan Maison, Laghi Cima Bianche, and Plateau Rosa are safe for beginners and travelers with families.

Rome – Seek out the city’s unexpected cool places

Rome skyline at sunset with Tiber river and St. Peter's Basilica, Italy
Rome skyline at sunset with Tiber river and St. Peter’s Basilica, Italy © Getty Images

You know perfectly well where the Coliseum and Trevi Fountain are located in Rome. But what about the Testaccio market with truly local goodies and no tourists? Or underground-like Pigneto quarter, where you will see only cozy locally owned cafes with owners who welcome you as if to their own home?

Average monthly temperatures in Milan, Italy

Avg Temp Milan Italy

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What to pack when traveling?

Earplugs can help when you travel in a noisy vehicle or stay at a hotel in the city center. Plug adapters allow you to charge your phone when sockets differ from your home country. Don't forget sunglasses and sunscreen even if you are traveling to cloudy places like Stockholm or London. And, undoubtedly, a corkscrew in case you'd like a nice glass of wine in the evening.

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We recommend using the Tetris method: fill every inch of space (shoes should be stuffed with socks and put together, heel-to-toe, at the bottom of the suitcase). Roll clothes instead of folding them. It helps save a bit of space and avoid wrinkles. Also, keep liquids within easy reach: Airport luggage control sometimes asks you to pull out all liquids when going through security.

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