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Best places in the world to travel to in October 2024

Why sit around and suffer in the freezing autumn weather while yearning for the warm weather in the summer when you can fly away to soak up the sun in another country? A vacation in October is a great opportunity to relax comfortably abroad: Crowds of summer vacationers have gone home, children have gone back to school, and ticket and hotel prices have been recalculated to low season rates.

So, let’s look at the TOP 5 places where you can have an amazing holiday in October.

 The best destinations to travel to in October

  1. Kenya
  2. Peru
  3. Cyprus
  4. Hong Kong
  5. Egypt
Cheetahs climbing a tree in Kenya, Africa
Cheetahs are some of the many animals you can see in Kenya © Getty Images

Kenya: Be your own Vasco de Gama and discover one of the best corners of Africa

Kenya is a fascinating, exotic African country that is not yet known to many travelers. Just to get there, you do need to spend a lot of time traveling. But as soon as you see the picturesque flora and fauna of this country, you will understand that the treacherous journey was all worth it.

Area: 582,646 km2 Languages: Swahili and English Capital city: Nairobi
Population: 54.9 million Local Currency: Kenyan shilling Time zone: GMT+3

Best vacation spots in Kenya

If you’re in search of only the most pleasant memories on a measured and unhurried vacation, Kenya will surely offer you the following cool places.

Mombasa-experience an intricate combination of African, Arab, and European cultures

Mombasa has a long, diverse history with various African, Arab, and European traditions that have made their way to the Kenyan city and made it a special place. Winding medieval streets, the Portuguese fortress of Fort Jesus, and the souvenir-filled Makupa Market are perfect places to walk in the early morning or in the evening before the sun goes down. When it’s daytime, and the sun generously provides warm rays, go to the local beaches-the shade of the palms will be a natural protection on particularly hot days.

Safaris in Kenya are iconic. Take time to visit the Shimba Hills to spot elephants, buffaloes, giraffes, antelopes, and other representatives of the animal world.

Spend your vacation in Lamu – A cool place without any cars

Kenya, Lamu, Shela Beach, mature man walking along beach, rear view
No cars, only boats and friendly locals! © Getty Images

If you are looking for an unusual place to visit in Kenya, you want to visit Lamu. Its narrow streets make it impossible to drive in a car, so leave behind car noise for a while and let your feet take you to all the magnificent corners of Lamu. Moreover, there are tonnes of comfortable facilities made relaxation: private houses that are more reminiscent of small Arab inexpensive hotels or luxurious estates and villas with strange designs located on the ocean. After walking around the quaint medieval streets, head for the delightful Shela beach, where the purest transparent water, palm trees, and a wide strip of white sand await you.

Find a mix of European and African culture in Malindi

Malindi perfectly preserved its local ethnic features while developing an excellent service for travelers. On the one hand, there are all the modern benefits like five-star hotels and a vast array of entertainment and cuisine-on the other hand; it still has narrow, ancient quarters with medieval buildings. Make sure to visit the 520-year-old stone cross of Vasco de Gama, the first European to encounter Kenya. The clear water on the coast is perfect for diving and snorkeling.

Average monthly temperatures in Nairobi, Kenya

Avg Temp Nairobi Kenya

Landscape Peru, Patagonia, travel
The beautiful landscape of Peru © Getty Images

Peru: Spend your holidays in the heart of South America

For many travelers who feel like they’ve “seen and done it all,” Peru offers a sense of mystery and intrigue-a final frontier full of history, culture, and natural beauty. You can see fascinating ruins, try culinary delights like guinea pig meat, and catch the waves of the Pacific Ocean.

Area: 1,285,000 km2 Language: Spanish Capital city: Lima
Population: 33.3 million Local Currency: sol Time zone: GMT-5

Best vacation spots in Peru

Peru is a place for thrill seekers, so let’s see where you can find your next adventure.

Arequipa – A travel destination you’ll call “a home away from home”

The name of the city of Arequipa translates to “let’s stop here”-and when you get here, you will silently add “forever.” And it’s no wonder when you see the city’s wide streets lined with colorful houses made of white stone in the Spanish colonial style of the late 18th century. Numerous architectural sights will be a wonderful background for your shots: Monasterio de Santa Catalina, the Jesuit church of La Campañía, the Casa Ricketts mansion, and the Casa del Moral mansion.

Discover the Amazon jungle in the nicest weather in Iquitos

Iquitos is not as large and wealthy as other Peruvian metropolitan areas, but a couple of nearby unique places outshine the cities. Hire an auto rickshaw and discover the Amazon jungle, which can be reached by boat from Iquitos in an hour. This is where you can feel the majesty of nature: the humming, the constantly-moving jungle that represents a unique organism linked with the river washing the roots of ancient trees. Belén is another nearby village that’s also worth your time.

Looking at the Amazon rainforest from a boat
A boat tour in the Amazon is a must! © Getty Images

Lima – An iconic place for history enthusiasts

Lima is the capital of Peru and has some wonderful colorful landscapes with coastal cliffs. The capital city is sometimes referred to as “the city where the sun never shines” because of its weather peculiarities.

Nevertheless, the city is fantastic and holds so many gripping stories, like the one about an awful earthquake that happened in the 18th century that destroyed the central square of Plaza de Armas. A key sight you need to check out is the Cathedral of Santo Domingo, which houses the tomb of the founder of Lima and the first European to encounter Peru (and, subsequently, conquer a native empire that existed there), Francisco Pizarro.

Average monthly temperatures in Kima, Peru

Avg Temp Lima Peru

Cyprus white sand beach
The beautiful beaches of Cyprus © Getty Images

Cyprus: Enjoy your holiday in the pearl of the Mediterranean Sea

Throughout the year, Cyprus welcomes tourists who want to soak up the sun and swim in the mild waters of the Mediterranean Sea. The weather in October is truly the best and is comfortable for all travelers. The beaches all over the country are like something from a postcard and call for a great place to catch a tan.

Area: 9,251 km2 Languages: Greek and Spanish Capital city: Nicosia
Population: 1.2 million Local Currency: euro Time zone: GMT+2

Best vacation spots in Cyprus

Opt for the coolest places to visit during your October trip to Cyprus.

Paphos – Best vacation spot to feel the unhurried life of Cyprus

The city of Paphos impresses its guests with truly picturesque landscapes. The climate here is milder than in other regions, so you’ll be able to admire the local sights without breaking too much of a sweat-like the city’s promenade, the Royal Tombs complex, and its open-air museum-in the nicest weather. The upper district of Paphos will show you the life of the local population, while the lower district is mostly for the comfortable stays of tourists.

Where to go to dive into Cyprus’s history? Larnaca!

The city of Larnaca has a very long and interesting history, which makes this place a real treasure for curious travelers. The city belonged to the Phoenicians, the Macedonians, Egypt, and Greece in different historical eras. You can now see the result in stunning architectural monuments, like the Church of St. Lazarus, Larnaca Castle, and many others.

Church of Angeloktisti in Larnaca, Cyprus
Church of Angeloktisti in Larnaca, Cyprus © Getty Images

The beach resorts of Larnaca are an added benefit, all of which have developed infrastructure and facilities for any taste.

Travel to Nicosia, a beautiful place that you can’t afford to miss

Nicosia is the ideal spot for those who like wandering around a city and feeling the local vibe. The Old Town of Nicosia is fully pedestrianized, so you can walk into the lovely Lidra street. Nearby are the colorful buildings of local cafes and shops, and you will sense the heartbeat of the capital.

This exciting place will help you understand Cyprus as it currently is: the Green Line divides Cyprus into two states (Turkish and Greek). You will learn about the modern history of Cyprus and start looking at this tiny Mediterranean island a little differently.

Average monthly temperatures in Larnaca, Cyprus

Avg Temp Larnaca Cyprus

sunsets in Hong Kong by the water
Beautiful sunsets in Hong Kong © Getty Images

Hong Kong: Go on your vacation to city like no other

You cannot fully explore Hong Kong in a few days, but you can fall in love with it immediately. An incredible combination of Eastern and Western cultures makes this city unique. Modern skyscrapers, chic restaurants with exotic dishes, massive entertainment centers for children, exciting sights, picturesque parks, and cozy beaches attract tempted tourists.

Area: 1,114 km2 Languages: English and Chinese Capital city: City of Victoria
Population: 7.4 million Local Currency: Hong Kong dollar Time zone: GMT+8

Best vacation spots in Hong Kong

Let’s look at a few of the many cool places in Hong Kong.

Find the best beaches in Lantau Island

Go to the island of Lantau to rest on the sandy beaches of Silvermine Bay and Tong Fuk. A tranquil area, and suitable for travelers with families and kids. Check out the island’s colossal bronze statue of Buddha sitting on a lotus throne. It’s well worth your attention. The figure looks to the north-which is unusual, because all other giant Buddhas face south.

Be fascinated at the Asian Hollywood of Kowloon

Busy neon lit street in Hong Kong
Lampau island is a great place for night photography © Getty Images

The Kowloon Peninsula is a very fast-growing part of Hong Kong, with a wide choice of hotels and attractions that are growing daily. But the most iconic places remain the same: the Star Walkway, with the palm prints of Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee (among others) on the paving stones, and the Symphony of Lights laser show, which is free of charge.

Central and Western Hong Kong-this is where to go to understand the city’s character

Сentral and Western Hong Kong are the main districts of the city. Here, you can see the real Hong Kong, with its enormous skyscrapers and bustling streets exploding with culture. It’s a natural paradise for shopaholics, with shopping malls on every corner.

The most outstanding sight here is Victoria Peak, which gives you a stunning city view. Yes, it is packed with tourists, but you will get a panoramic view like you’ve never seen before.

Average monthly temperatures in Hong Kong, China

Avg Temp Hong Kong China

Egypt: Take a trip back in time during a warm October

The ancient country of Egypt has such a rich cultural heritage and tradition that it is impossible to take all of it in at once. Many tourists visit this country repeatedly because they want to see as much as they can: the rich coral reefs, the Red Sea, the wide sandy beaches, the pyramids, the holy mountain of Moses, and much, much more.

Area: 1,002,000 km2 Language: Arabic Capital city: Cairo
Population: 104.3 million Local Currency: Egyptian pound Time zone: GMT+2

Best vacation spots in Egypt

Let’s see what top Egyptian places are waiting to be explored for your October holiday.

Makadi Bay- A top place for those who deeply appreciate privacy and calm

Makadi Bay,Egypt
Makadi Bay, perfect for couples and families © Getty Images

Makadi Bay is located between vibrant Safaga and Hurghada. But unlike those places, this spot looks like a secluded corner in paradise. The beaches there are wide and uncrowded, and two beautiful coral reefs give you an excellent opportunity to witness the underwater life of the Red Sea.

Even if you get bored and want to party, you can venture to noisy Hurghada in a matter of minutes.

The “Egyptian Venice” of El Gouna – For a honeymoon that will impress even those who have been to Egypt many times

El Gouna is a truly marvelous resort, known for its amazing architecture, lagoons, sandy beaches and coral reefs. You can easily get to the islands separated by canals by taking a small boat along the water. A unique experience that you’ll cherish forever.

Enjoy parties and fun tourist attractions in Hurghada

Hurghada is a lure for young people from all over the world, but it would be wrong to say that this resort is only for youth and parties. A family vacation is also perfect here, but the number of discos, nightclubs, and other attractions is genuinely astonishing.

Prominent day excursions to the pyramids, Alexandria, or Luxor are also convenient and not far from Hurghada, which makes it the perfect place to base yourself on your holiday.

Сairo: What are the mysteries of the Egyptian past?

Cairo, the capital of Egypt, is a must-see for every globetrotter at least once in their lifetime. Visit the Great Pyramid of Pharaoh Khufu (Greek: Cheops), one of the seven wonders of the Ancient World. Saqqara, with its beautifully painted tombs, pyramids, and temples, is also a great place to visit.

Giza Egypt Pyramids in Sunset Scene, Wonders of the World.
The Giza Pyramids, the last Old Wonder of the World © Getty Images

When night falls in the city, walk along the ancient street of Al-Mu’izz: medieval houses, palaces, and mansions sparkle with colorful lights at this time. When you’ve walked up an appetite, authentic Egyptian cuisine hits the spot for recharging. For example, you can try koshari-pasta, rice, vermicelli, and chickpeas, all topped with crispy fried lentils and onion chips.

Average monthly temperatures in Cairo, Egypt

Avg Temp Cairo Egypt

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