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Best places to travel to in June 2024

Oh, June, the beginning of summer, the season with the hot weather, and for vacations and school holidays when families can easily travel together.

Your perfect destination will depend on your wishes: do you want to swim and sunbathe, go hiking, or get acquainted with beautiful sights? Let’s look at the TOP 5 places around the world to visit in June, from hot Croatia to chill Norway.

The best destinations to travel to in June

  • USA
  • France
  • Croatia
  • Norway
  • Czechia

USA – Say hello to the Atlantic Ocean at the East Coast during your vacation

Suppose you are traveling to the East Coast of the USA. In that case, you have a unique chance to see all the famous gems of this country: the capital city Washington D.C., full of history, Philadelphia, cheerful Orlando, seaside Miami, and, of course, cosmopolitan and diverse New York! Why are we talking about the East Coast? Because this region is the cradle of American culture and offers an array of destinations to suit a variety of different travelers.

Area: 9,834,000 km2 Language: English Capital city: Washington
Population: 331.9 million Local Currency: American dollar Time zone: UTC -4 – UTC -11

Best vacation spots in the USA

Besides majestic cities, many national parks, waterfalls, and pristine ocean beaches are in the region waiting to be explored.

St. Augustine – Where pristine white-sand beaches contrast with old Spanish-style buildings

St. Augustine is perfect for history enthusiasts. It is the oldest continuously inhabited European settlement in North America. Admire its numerous original buildings that are still standing today since 1565. Check out the historic city gates, the 1672 Castillo de San Marcos, and Constitution Square; all are interesting sights that are well worth a look.

Provincetown, Cape Cod Bay – Go whale watching and say hello to humpbacks

Feel the American vibe at Cape Cod in June. Head to Provincetown and discover a vibrant city center with unique shops, art galleries, museums, seafood shacks, and more. The diversity of seaside activities available here is undoubtedly enough to excite you. Swim in the calm waters of Cape Cod first, and then go for boat trips to the ocean direction for whale watching in the evening. Cape Cod is home to some of the country’s largest groups of humpback whales.

New York City – An iconic place we all know something about

New York City does not need an introduction. Each of the districts is colorful in its way. Visit the Bronx to walk around the famous zoo; go to Brooklyn and stroll over the Brooklyn Bridge; come to Staten Island on the free ferry to admire the views of Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty from the opposite shore. Your trip to New York will be complete only after going up at least one of its majestic skyscrapers. The Empire State Building observation deck offers the most stunning views. However, we recommend you visit the nearby Rockefeller Tower, which offers the same views, and you can see the Empire State Building in the distance.

Washington – No less great than New York City but more relaxed

If you want something as majestic as New York City but not as bustling, come to Washington. People adore this city for its more serene atmosphere, yet the greatness of America still reigns here. Mind that the Capitol is easily accessible for visiting while the White House visit requires an application to be made two months in advance. Make sure to walk around the Mall, a well-known street of free museums, and visit the Space Museum, one of the more exciting ones.

Boston – Visit the city of the first public park and subway station in America

You can divide Boston into three categories: sea, park, and educational. The seaside of Boston will give you unforgettable attractions, including boat trips to whale and dolphin watching. If you don’t feel like being directly in the sea, go to the extensive local oceanarium. The park side of Boston is known for the Boston Common, the first public park in the country and the second largest after Central Park in New York. The educational side of Boston will impress you even if you are not a student or scientist. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the country’s No. 1 ranked university located just across the Charles River, has a great Lincoln Laboratory, artificial intelligence laboratory, and media laboratory.

Average monthly temperatures in New York City, USA

Avg Temp New York City USA

France: Travel to one of the most popular destinations in the world

France in June is amazing but very busy, so brace yourself for the crowds. This country has one pattern: no matter where you go, you will always find good wine, ancient castles, delicious food, and gorgeous landscapes.

Area: 543,940 km2 Language: French Capital city: Paris
Population: 67.5 million Local Currency: Euro Time zone: GMT+1

Best vacation spots in France

Besides megapolises, France lives in small villages, medieval castles’ cold rooms, and fragrant lavender fields.

Strasbourg and villages of Alsace – Find yourself in a cool place from a touristic postcard

Escape the rush of the chaotic cities and enjoy fabulous half-timbered houses and quiet medieval streets as on the touristic postcards. Trying local Munster cheese with tartiflette is a must! Wine connoisseurs have to visit “Wine Road of Alsace,” spreading through many wine-growing villages, one more picturesque than the other.

Bordeaux and Dune du Pilat – Relax in the heart of Europe with the nicest weather all year round

Bordeaux, the wine capital of France, needs no introduction. This land is perfect for a long walk after enjoying foie gras and confit de canard with local wine. Make time to go one hour away from Bordeaux to Dune du Pilat. Europe’s largest sand dune will make you feel like you were in the desert, opening a breathtaking view of the Bay of Biscay.

Cote d’Azur – Feel fancy vibes in June

Many people dream of visiting the Cote d’Azur at least once in their lives. Magnificent Nice, Cannes, and Saint-Tropez attract travelers from all walks of life. Take part in some yachting, jet skiing, roller skating, cycling, playing golf and tennis, paragliding, fishing, having fun in chic nightclubs, or staying up until morning in the casino. The options are endless!

Brittany – Same luxuries but more serene

If you are searching for fantastic places like the Cote d’Azur but not as crowded and glamorous, come to Brittany. There are many wild beaches, secluded bays, mysterious caves, and breathtaking landscapes for a perfect escape for the body and soul.

Average monthly temperatures in Paris, France

Avg Temp Paris France

zadar croatia travel sea

Croatia: An exciting country beside the Adriatic Sea

Sea, sun, yachts, medieval towns, gastronomy, and fine wines – are just some things you can find in Croatia in June. This country is a must-visit in summer. Croatia is known for its white sandy beaches, delicious cuisine, and distinctive forms of nature like the Krka Waterfalls.

Area: 56,594 km2 Language: Croatian Capital city: Zagreb
Population: 3.8 million Local Currency: Croatian kuna Time zone: GMT+1

Best vacation spots in Croatia

The Adriatic coast of Croatia gifts travelers with beautiful nature and ancient architecture. Let’s look at the top places to visit in Croatia in June.

Split – Travel to the place that offers the nicest weather in Croatia

The city of Split is superb for both beach enthusiasts and history geeks. See the ancient palace of Diocletian that hides natural treasures behind its walls. Because the mountains cover the coast from the winds, the climate in Split is one of the mildest in the country. If you decide to travel with family and kids, visit the green park Marjan or the Split Zoo. Young people hang out on the open dance floor at O’Hara’s Irish Bar.

Makarska – Ensures a calm and safe rest

Where to relax by the sea without the scorching sun? Of course, in the Makarska Riviera. This area unites quaint small towns and villages. You’ll find silence, beach relaxation, and the smell of pines near the sea wherever you go. The pine forest provides natural shade that makes this place relatively safe for anyone who struggles with getting burnt from the sun.

Zagreb – Travel to one of the oldest European capitals

Croatia’s capital is far from the sea; it’s more of a destination for anyone interested in history. Cozy parks, exciting museums, and interesting historical monuments attract tourists from all over the world every year. It is a convenient starting point if you want to visit other famous places like Plitvice Lakes or Varazdin. After you’re sick of sightseeing in Zagreb, the next thing to do is taste the local cuisine; mlinci (pasta with goose or duck sauce) and buncek (smoked pork tail with sauerkraut) are so delicious!

Average monthly temperatures in Zagreb, Croatia

Avg Temp Zagreb Croatia

Norway. This is where to travel for an escape from the heat

Traveling to Norway could possibly be a trip of a lifetime. The combination of stunning nature and local architecture amazes even the most experienced explorers. In summer, nature blooms in the most magnificent color and gives visitors opportunities to swim in the country’s fjords, rivers, and lakes.

Area: 385,207 km2 Language: Norwegian Capital city: Oslo
Population: 5.4 million Local Currency: Norwegian Krone Time zone: GMT+1

Best vacation spots in Norway

Let’s see what beautiful places Norway offers us in June.

Bergen – Travel to the Fjords

Besides the European Capital of Culture title, Bergen is also called “gateway to the realm of the fjords.” This city is worth your attention due to the local fish market known throughout Europe, the Hanseatic embankment, and the Floibanen funicular.

Gjendesheim – A vacation idea where your seclusion with Norwegian nature begins

Gjendesheim is the gateway to the awe-inspiring Jotunheimen national park, where you can access challenging hiking trails and catch unbelievable views. There are many authentic accommodation options where travelers can stay in quirky huts and lodges embedded in the mountains.

Oslo – The city of picturesque Instagram sites

In Oslo, you don’t have to search for stunning places and historical sights. They are everywhere. Don’t skip the Wigland Park and Akershus, where the tombs of Norwegian kings have been preserved in the chapel, and ancient interiors embellish the castle itself.

Average monthly temperatures in Oslo, Norway

Avg Temp Oslo Norway

Czechia: One of the best European countries

Fantastic nature, health resorts, narrow medieval streets, gothic architecture, cozy restaurants, and pubs on every corner. How can one not enjoy these gems in Czechia? Especially when the weather in June is so mild.

Area: 78 870 km2 Language: Czech Capital city: Prague
Population: 10.7 million Local Currency: Czech Krone Time zone: GMT+1

Best vacation spots in Czechia

Here are the top places to travel in Czechia in June.

Karlovy Vary – Get healthier in an interesting place

Karlovy Vary is a worldwide famous city for its healing mineral waters and famous visitors like Paganini, Freud, and Gogol. Nevertheless, this place is interesting, to say the least, even if you have no health needs. Try some true Becherovka, local wafers, and enjoy the atmosphere of the 19th century.

Lake Mácha – A used-to-be sea in Czechia

It is true that there is no sea in Czechia. However, many thousands of years ago, a natural sea was located on the site of Lake Mácha. When the Ice Age came, it dried up. Now It’s a national reserve and a large stunning lake waiting for you to enjoy.

Prague – Go to one of the most visited European capitals

Prague is fantastic in hundreds of ways. There are endless things thing do, like spotting penguins walking along the Vltava. Of course, not real ones. These are figures of 34 yellow penguins made from recycled plastic bottles to remind us of the dangers of climate change. Or what about one of the most well-preserved architectural masterpieces in the world, Prague Castle, built in the 9th century?

Average monthly temperatures in Prague, Czechia

Avg Temp Prague Czechia

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Frequently asked questions

What is the no. 1 most visited country in the world?

France is the most visited country in the world. Because of the outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020, it has gotten hard to compare the popularity of countries due to severe travel restrictions. Nevertheless, in 2018 and 2019, France welcomed 90 million guests from all over the world.

What to pack when traveling?

Earplugs can help when you travel in a noisy vehicle or stay at a hotel in the city center. Plug adapters allow you to charge your phone when sockets differ from your home country. Don't forget sunglasses and sunscreen even if you're traveling to cloudy places like Stockholm or London. And, indeed, a corkscrew will come in handy if you fancy a glass of vino.

What is the best way to pack your luggage?

We recommend the Tetris method: fill every inch of space (shoes should be stuffed with socks and put together, heel-to-toe, at the bottom of the suitcase). Roll clothes instead of folding them. It helps save a bit of space and avoid wrinkles. Also, keep liquids within easy reach: Airport luggage control sometimes asks you to pull out all liquids when going through security.

How to plan a vacation?

Start by allocating your budget and decide where and when to go. Then, find a suitable flight and accommodation. Remember to exchange money in advance if needed. Prepare medical insurance and make copies of your documents. Of course, plan some things you’d like to do. (Stories from might help you come up with vacation ideas.) And finally, pack your suitcase and go!

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